Best Husbands By Zodiac Sign

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Best Husbands By Zodiac Sign
Best Husbands By Zodiac Sign

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March 8 is on the nose, and we have the most useful gift for you. No, not diamonds and a million dollars. Better - secret information. We tell you which men in the horoscope are the most wonderful husbands. Do not thank!



If, before the stamp in the passport, Taurus behaved like an energy ghoul crossed with a pig, then after going to the registry office (from which he disowned for a very long time) Taurus becomes an ideal man. Tries to make trillions of dollars, really wants children, puts on sex shows at night, breakfast in bed in the morning. Yes, maybe all this comes out of his horror, how bad, but all tries. And yet - he will always praise the food you have prepared, even if you fry a rat in apples - he will smack his lips, praise your culinary abilities, gag, but there is.


If, at the candy-bouquet stage, Libra is ready to bring you to diabetes and a heart attack with gifts and surprises, then after the phrase "You can kiss the bride," creatures such as Moidodyr, a prince on a white horse, a staunch tin soldier and Ali Baba - and they all live in harmony with you. Of course, against the background of such a husband, you will always look like an unwashed swineher, but does it matter when an intoxicating borscht stands on a table that was washed to holes, and in his hands a stable salary?


Marrying a Virgo is a profitable enterprise from all sides: he does not put socks in the corners, he washes the plate behind him, walks regularly to work and does not complain once again. Of course, he does not promise to get a star from the sky, but he wants to take it to Bali. In marriage, another bonus arrives with him - masculinity from him blows everyone around with a force wave, so every woman who has eyes will envy you. Fortunately, he does not go to the left - he has other entertainment: fishing, for example.

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