Against Your Will: How To Know When You Are Forced Dating

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Against Your Will: How To Know When You Are Forced Dating
Against Your Will: How To Know When You Are Forced Dating

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These signals will tell you about the indifference towards the man.

After all, everyone had a date when the guy seems to be not bad, but something goes wrong. At these moments you are trying to understand yourself and understand why you do not like the person. Sometimes it is difficult, but we will come to the rescue: WomanHit decodes the signals that you unconsciously give to yourself.

He seems to be good, but

As soon as you call a guy "good" - that's it, it's a red sign, he's in the friend zone. With these words, you explain to yourself that a man is not physically attractive to you. Any relationship is based on emotion, before you begin to get to know a potential partner and love him with your brain. So there is no point in deceiving yourself, even if a man suits you in all respects - you will definitely find the right person.

Probably he hasn’t revealed yet

You will be on the same wavelength with the right person from the first date: it will be pleasant for you to spend time with him and talk for hours. After all, you are only at the very beginning of the path - there are so many topics that you want to discuss in order to understand his point of view on various issues. And if such a desire does not arise or there are awkward pauses between you, it is clearly time to stop communicating. You need a confident man who realizes his worth and knows how to present himself, so waiting for the next guy to open up to you for a couple of weeks is clearly not the option.

I expected to see him a little different

Social networks and dating applications often create an illusion about appearance, social status, education, and other characteristics of a person. Having made the perfect profile, a less than perfect guy may come on a date. In this case, do not be afraid to refuse the person and try again, having previously talked with the guy. If growth is fundamental for you, find out about it, but you should not ask about a car, an apartment and other material: you will understand this during a conversation with him on a date.

Never hold onto people. Instead of one guy, ten will come, even better than him. Therefore, tell people honestly about your emotions and do not waste time with those with whom you clearly do not have a common future.

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