Why Do Men Hate Holidays And What Does Women Have To Do With It?

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Why Do Men Hate Holidays And What Does Women Have To Do With It?
Why Do Men Hate Holidays And What Does Women Have To Do With It?

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At the end of February and in March, a lot of holidays are concentrated, which cause a great resonance on the Web. People are discussing whether holidays are needed at all and whether love requires material proof. Rambler will tell you about this in more detail.


Most opponents of the celebration argue that small holidays like February 14 and 23, as well as March 8, are just marketing traps. However, any holiday in the capitalist world is associated with a waste of money, be it buying red caviar for the New Year, birthday balloons or pumpkins for Halloween.

Basically, in Russia, the dislike of the holidays is due to the fact that a woman acts as a person who waits for gifts and accepts them, and a man must provide these gifts. Accordingly, all responsibility and high expectations are placed on men. If expectations are not met, a quarrel occurs in the couple.

Such a system was formed gradually and firmly "stuck" in the minds of Russians. With the development of a patriarchal society with social constructs that a man is a breadwinner and conqueror, and a woman is a keeper of the hearth, people have not learned to speak with each other on equal terms. Misunderstandings breed misunderstandings, and simple conversation and teamwork could bring a lot more romance into the life of a couple than it seems.

According to psychologist and sexologist Elena Tretyakova, love requires material confirmation. At the same time, reciprocity is important in relationships, since attention, the symbol of which becomes a gift, is important not only for a woman, but also for a man.

There are five love languages ​​in psychology: words of encouragement, time, gifts, touch, and help. People in couples do not always express their love the way their partner wants. But this does not mean that you need to avoid his needs, expressing feelings exclusively in your own language. You need to listen to each other, learn to recognize each other's gestures and articulate expectations.

The issue of expectations is important, as one partner may dream of a trip abroad, a bouquet of flowers or a ring, but does not talk about it. It is important to consider here that people cannot read each other's thoughts. Moreover, if you talk about your expectations and dreams for some time, at some point they will become the rule of your couple.

Unfortunately, cinematic romance has created misconceptions about relationships in the minds of people. In life, it naturally appears at the very beginning of communication, romance can also be a feature of a person, or it is the result of an honest conversation. Even if your partner is not romantic, talking about gifts will help him get to know you better. The partner will know how to please you, and you will get rid of the lack of bouquets.

It's another matter if the person does not listen to your desires and needs. In this case, you should think about how your happiness is a priority for your current partner, how harmonious your relationship is.

Gifts and surprises, as well as romantic walks or trips in a relationship, show partners how important and loved they are. But for this scheme to "work" all members of the relationship must invest equally.

Of course, if you were presented with flowers, then you do not need to urgently run for a return gift. It is better to wait for the resource state and demonstrate your love to your partner. Otherwise, the lack of mutual exchange of energy increases the chance to burn out. And burnout may well overtake not only in work, but also in personal life.

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