Russian Women Go Escort In Pursuit Of A Luxurious Life. What Are They Risking And What Are They Afraid Of?

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Russian Women Go Escort In Pursuit Of A Luxurious Life. What Are They Risking And What Are They Afraid Of?
Russian Women Go Escort In Pursuit Of A Luxurious Life. What Are They Risking And What Are They Afraid Of?

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Prostitution as a profession appeared in antiquity; today it is legalized in many countries. In Russia, such work is prohibited by law, but despite this there are agencies that provide escort services: young women accompany men at various events. In the price list of such organizations, intimate service is not included, but tacit access to it is provided to clients for an additional fee. How Russian women go to an escort for a luxurious life and what hides easy money - in the material "".

The highest layer of prostitution

Prostitution is called the oldest profession - the mention of harlots is found in the Old Testament. It is believed that this phenomenon was common in ancient Israel, despite its prohibition under Jewish law.

The existence of prostitutes was first documented four thousand years ago, in the 18th century BC, in the Hammurabi Code, one of the oldest documents. In Mesopotamia there were ordinary and "religious" prostitutes - naditu, who lived in temples and participated in various rituals. Moreover, their reputation was protected by the same law that protected the good name of married women.

Prostitution as a profession was officially established between 640-559 BC, when the Greek legislator Solon introduced a tax on it. At the same time, brothels arose, and unlike nadit in Mesopotamia, slaves worked in brothels in Greece, who stood naked at the entrance to lure customers.

At the same time, there was also an upper class of prostitutes, who were called getters. These are unmarried women, most often with artistic talent, famous for their beauty and intelligence. They often entered into relationships with famous cultural figures or politicians. Among them was the hetaira and the keeper of the brothel in Miletus Aspasia, who later became the wife of Pericles and turned his house into the intellectual center of Athens.

Painting "Debate of Socrates and Aspasia" 1801 by artist Nicola Monsio

Heterosexuals are the ancestors of modern escort women. Escort services are a type of business that provides spectacular companions to wealthy clients to appear with them at public events. Escorts are often considered to be the highest class of prostitution, since in addition to escorting for an additional fee, they can provide services of a sexual nature.

I do not sell escort, I sell a dream

The modern escort market grew out of the prostitution of the 1990s, when girls were searched for through advertisements in newspapers and on poles, or through pimps who were on duty near salons.

At the same time, the first online dating bureau of businessman Peter Listerman appeared: it was he who came up with the format of unobtrusive meetings and began to lure girls into his escort agency, which was positioned as a model.

Listerman did not hide the principles of his work and talked about his activities in numerous interviews. The VIP pimp, as he was called, invited girls, often teenagers, to his agency, promising them a career in modeling. However, instead, Listerman offered his wards to oligarchs, politicians and businessmen.

Girls want to live beautifully, travel, take over the whole world. The oligarchs want a beautiful chick. They are from different worlds, and I bring them together! This is my personal personal thrill

Peter Listerman


According to him, he conducted photo sessions for girls under the guise of forming a model portfolio, then showed these pictures to rich men who chose one of 10 thousand available options. Subsequently, Listerman allegedly accidentally introduced the client and the girl. Sometimes the oligarchs themselves turned to him with a request to choose attractive companions for them.

The prices at the Listerman escort agency varied depending on the type of service. In an interview with journalist Dmitry Gordon, he said that the price of an ordinary acquaintance is 10 thousand dollars. Moreover, if the girl reciprocated, then the client is obliged to pay him 20 thousand dollars, and if they have a relationship - 50 thousand dollars.

Listerman claimed that he did not send the girls to provide sexual services.

“I don’t sell escorts, escorts, sex - I’m selling a dream, you know? Roughly speaking, I buy a girl's soul and her soul, then I sell it: this is my business,”he explained.

The agency's clients included many celebrities, such as Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Potanin, Dmitry Shatov and many other Russian millionaires. According to Listerman, foreign stars such as Hollywood actor Bruce Willis and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo also used his services. It was Listerman who proposed the athlete Irina Shayk's candidacy and made the couple meet on the shooting of the Armani Underwear advertising campaign. With the model, Ronaldo began an affair that lasted for five years.

Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Petr Listerman at the "Bride Factory" party at the "Paradise" club, 2009

The most prominent client of Peter Listerman's escort agency is Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. In 2007, the so-called "Courchevel scandal" erupted: then, at a ski resort, the French police detained a group of underage models sent by Listerman to serve representatives of large Russian business led by billionaire Prokhorov. The criminal case was dismissed only in 2009 for lack of corpus delicti.

Without pale

Girls often enter the escort services market of their own free will. And if earlier a pimp or a special agency was needed to work as an escort, now many are looking for clients on their own in social networks. So, for example, for this there is a forum "Escort without palev", where more than 18 thousand people are registered.

The list of topics on the forum is extensive: on it women share their experiences, give advice to aspiring female workers, and even reveal the names of clients that should be avoided. In addition to escort girls, advertisers, agency owners and even law enforcement officers are registered on the site.

The creator of the forum is a woman working under the nickname Vasaby. She also compiled an "encyclopedia" for newcomers to escort - "Escortopedia". According to Vasaby, she decided to create a forum when she was added to blacklists in groups of large modeling agencies on social networks for comments about the poor quality of their pimping services.

The creator of the largest community for escort girls agreed to disclose to the details of the profession.

So what if he is 60, and she is 18?

Young girls, as a rule, go to the escort, because it allows you to earn quite a lot of money here and now. In addition, we love sex, as well as travel and communication with different people. With what other work at 18-20 years old a girl will see the Eiffel Tower, for example? Yes, not with any. And if she is from the province, at best - to a pension.

On the forum it is considered good form to call the participants escort girls or escort girls, and the words "prostitution", "whore" are better not to be used in public space. But one must understand and accept that an escort is also prostitution. Many girls are disappointed after agents call them to do an escort: supposedly you are only accompanying rich men, and no sex is required from you. It's a lie.

Of course, escort and prostitution are one and the same thing. Here, the excuses from the escort girls immediately begin: "I don't work on a stream, I don't process 15 clients a day!" What's the difference: one client a month or five clients a week?


the creator of the forum "Escort without palev"

Ten years ago, some agencies wrote that they did not engage in prostitution, they only had an escort, that is, escort of rich men.They say that our escort girls are the same accountants and translators, only with hourly pay. At the same time, girls from a remote village were recruited there. And it was necessary to attach a photo in a swimsuit and topless to the resume.

The market for escort services in Russia is extensive: there are independent girls, someone works through clandestine brothels, which are called salons. Many massage parlors also provide intimate services. In Europe, the system is the same, but in countries where prostitution is legalized, such as Germany, Belgium and Holland, there are also official brothels.

Personally, I am against the legalization of the escort and I do not see anything good in this. First, it is a life-long stigma. An employer, even in Russia, even in Germany, will see that it is not today's accountant, but yesterday's prostitute, and the girl will not be able to get out of this. Secondly, the girl's income will drop sharply: for the official workers of the “red light district” in Brussels, the cost of services from 10 to 50 euros per hour is a ridiculous price.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Woman at the Austrian nightclub Salzburg

Escorts also often go on so-called "tours" for several weeks to another country. They rent an apartment or hotel, post an ad on an escort site or post their profiles there, then start accepting clients. Such a tour can take place in several countries. It can drag on until the visa expires.

In addition to money in our area, you can get other benefits: various gifts, trips, real estate, cars, positions and much more - this, of course, is a matter of luck and the ability to dispose of this success. Often there are patron clients, they are called "inns", "posts". They patronize as far as possible: someone helps with advice, someone by force decides the issue with the offenders, and some with money.

There are men who take on the full maintenance, that is, they give the girl a certain amount or rent an apartment for her - the escort belongs only to him, and sometimes not only to him - it depends on the agreements. You can find two or three of these "daddies", and if they do not mind being "non-exclusive", then the girl in the end gets good money. Her job is to prevent her men from colliding at the door.

Many escorts marry former clients. Evil tongues slander Melania Trump so much. From time to time it happens that escorts or pornographic actresses are exposed, and their husbands either defend or abandon them. But most understand that an escort is the same job as a butcher in a slaughterhouse. Nobody points a finger at them.

As for the earnings, in escort it is very different - it all depends on personal qualities. It starts from 50 thousand rubles and can grow indefinitely.

Our work is often dangerous. My forum was created just to help newcomers survive, if they have already chosen such a profession. I know the story of a girl who was brutally deceived by an agent: he took from her an advance payment of 40 thousand rubles for her work and promised to send her to the United States. At the same time, the escort woman did not have a ticket and a visa, but the agent convinced her that he had good acquaintances at the airport and that they would definitely let her through. Naturally, when she arrived at the airport, everyone began to shrug their shoulders: how does she want to go to the United States without documents?

I know of another case: the police stopped a girl at the Israeli border at Ben Gurion Airport and took her to the reception. She previously deleted all Viber and WhatsApp messages so that she would not be revealed, but the employees forced her to restore everything and show her private messages. Despite the fact that in Israel prostitution is legal, it is not easy for a prostitute to get there. Law is one thing, but life is another.

Let every girl who condemns escorts ask herself: if a nice rich man invites her to dinner, and after dinner invites her to have a cultural time in his mansion, and at the same time there is the prospect of getting a good job, will she resist for a long time? I am sure that most of the girls themselves will answer this question positively, even their mothers will say: “What's so special? She probably loves him, so what if he is 60, and she is 18?"

It's not a bad timing or wrong manners - it's a female instinct for self-preservation and reproduction. Prostitutes understand this better than anyone, no matter how strange it may sound. Long communication with men taught us to understand them - this is our profession.

I am often reproached for teaching prostitution girls, and I don’t give them clients, I’m not an agent. In addition, I teach safe prostitution, and not to stand on highways, not drive around apartments, not run into other people's blows and knives. Many of my colleagues on the forum also share their experiences and advice.

The forum is a storehouse of escort wisdom, many ordinary women read us - we are not only discussing sex for money. It's just that if a prostitute on a regular forum asks about illness, contraception or pregnancy and users find out who she is, then the conversation with her will end immediately. And on our forum, girls will never have such problems.

The market for luxury living

Despite the fact that the escort is often referred to as prostitution, some representatives of the profession deny the fact of providing sexual services. Subscribers often suspect popular Instagram models of being an escort when the latter share the attributes of their luxurious life on social networks. Such girls are often exposed by various public or Telegram channels, for example, the "Skins Market".

At the same time, some escort girls do not hide their way of earning money. Model Ksyusha Manneken in an interview with the YouTube channel "Rumor has it" admitted that she became an escort at the age of 19. At the same time, according to her, she never had sexual intercourse with clients.

The model claims that for four years of trips to the so-called "model parties" in the UAE and the Maldives, she earned 30 thousand dollars. The girl regularly posts on her Instagram pictures in expensive outfits of the world fashion houses Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Dior and others.

In addition to the Mannequin, model Kira Mayer also spoke about her activities. In Andrey Malakhov's program “Live”, she disclosed her income and listed expensive gifts received from men. According to the girl, one of the regular customers rents her an apartment for 150 thousand rubles, and another donates things from luxury brands, including a Hermes Birkin bag for a million rubles. Mayer also showed a collection of bracelets from the Cartier jewelry house, the cost of which varies from 800 thousand to one and a half million rubles.

In the same program, Elena Sidorenko, who prefers the term "kept woman" instead of the word "escort", announced that she did not provide her services to men who were not ready to pay her at least $ 25,000 a week. According to her, one of the patrons gave her a mansion in an elite area of ​​the Moscow region.

@ filitovich999

Other escort girls in the discussions on the forum "Escort without palev" tell what gifts foreign clients give them. A user under the nickname Piccolinka wrote that Arab clients often present gold or expensive perfume, and one of them once gave her an "impressive amount" for a mink coat.

In the same discussion, a woman under the pseudonym Super shared the story of how a client bought her jewelry from the luxury brand Bvlgary, as well as a Chopard watch for $ 30,000 at the Mercury jewelry store in Moscow's Redisson hotel.

The Iriskiss user, in turn, said that clients often gave her money for shopping and gadgets, for example, an iPad, and one of the customers presented a BMW car to an escort registered on the forum under the pseudonym Sarochka.

Dangerous business

However, in addition to the prospect of making money for a luxurious life, an escort is often fraught with danger. The forum has published many stories that clients not only refuse to pay for services rendered to them, but also beat girls or take them into slavery, taking away their passports.

To warn girls on "Escort Without Palev" there are so-called black lists, in which representatives of the sphere leave information about unscrupulous customers, pimps and agencies.

In particular, the creator of the forum does not recommend going on tours to Malaysia, Lebanon, Bahrain and Cyprus, since the number of cases of fraud and debt slavery in these countries is too high.She claims that she personally knows stories when girls disappeared without a trace, going there to work.

Despite all the risks, the escort business is flourishing both in Russia and abroad. For female workers in the field, this is an opportunity to quickly earn decent sums of money, and for their sake they are ready to endanger their lives.

Experienced escort girls know about the pitfalls of the profession and try to protect themselves in every possible way: they choose trusted clients, take payment in advance and do not visit countries with a high risk of being enslaved. However, if a girl encounters lawlessness, she has to defend herself on her own: you cannot contact the police, since prostitution is officially prohibited in Russia.

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