Sexologist Answered The Most Candid Questions Of Men

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Sexologist Answered The Most Candid Questions Of Men
Sexologist Answered The Most Candid Questions Of Men

Video: Sexologist Answered The Most Candid Questions Of Men

Video: Sexologist Answered The Most Candid Questions Of Men
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Sexologist Olga gave an interview in which she answered the most candid questions of men about oral sex, infidelity, masturbation, pornography and more.

- How to measure a member correctly?

- Teenagers write to me: "How to measure a member correctly?" And they take off a photo with the question: "Am I measuring the penis correctly?"

Attention! The member must be measured in an erect state. Some people measure it in a non-eroded state and come to me for a consultation because they are worried. The first question I ask is "How many centimeters?" He tells me: "5". I say, “Okay. How did you measure? " And it turns out that he measured it in a non-erect state. After I sent home to measure in an erect state, he wrote to me: “Doctor! I have 14!"

- If a partner refuses oral sex, what does it mean?

- It means that he does not want this oral sex. Or wants to use oral sex in exchange for something. It often happens in pairs. "Give me a blowjob - I'll buy a fur coat." Such problems arise due to the lack of sex education among the population at the basic level, from the very childhood.

- Why do people "go to the left"?

- Because they are not satisfied with their own relationship. They think their relationship with the other person will be better. And they get it "better" because they enjoy only one side of this relationship - love and romantic pleasures. But if you swap his mistress and wife, in six months everything will be the same. The same routine, the same claims, the same reproaches.

- Has widespread access to pornography in our time somehow influenced general sexual behavior?

- Yes. There is more masturbation and problems due to this masturbation. The body gets used to masturbation and becomes very lazy. He says: “Why sex? They have their own hand, their own fingers. " And a real partner does not always coincide with an ideal picture from the Internet. And the brain says, "What are you giving me?"

- Who is more among your clients - men or women?

- 2/3 are men. The most common problems are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The partner undresses his woman, foreplay is in progress, everything is fine, the erection is good, full and strong And that's it, the erection disappears. It happens abruptly. Every man considers his penis a friend. And then a friend at a crucial moment let him down. And the man begins to think not about sex, but about getting his penis up. And he does not get up, because the man turns off from the general process of interacting with a woman and getting pleasure and begins to think: "Let's get up." And that's the problem. Vicious circle. The more anxious a man is, the more likely he will have it again.

- How much is premature ejaculation?

- 2 minutes after injection. Or even before the introduction. There are different types of premature ejaculation, but the most common is 2 minutes after the insertion of the penis into the vagina.

- If my woman does not cum - is it my fault?

- If a woman does not feel pleasure, she is 50% to blame. If she has a partner, and they have been dating for a long time, then the most common story is when they come for help, because they do not know the anatomy. There was generally a funny case: for 2 years, a guy with cunnilingus thought that he was stimulating the clitoris, but in fact it was a genital wart.

- "Our motto is the same - we will excite and will not give!" A good principle?

- For girls - yes. They can add value to themselves. This is a kind of game for men who love to conquer. And sex is like a victory, like a medal, - said the sexologist in an interview on the YouTube channel Onliner.

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