Ten Reasons To Have Sex "for Health"

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Ten Reasons To Have Sex "for Health"
Ten Reasons To Have Sex "for Health"

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Speaking about the intimate sphere of life, everyone means something of their own, personal. But few people realize that sex is not only a pleasant pastime, but also an excellent medicine for certain diseases. The healing effect is due to the body's natural reaction to intimacy.

Having sex, we are unaware of the numerous processes that we start in our body. We offer a list of diseases against which sex acts as a prevention and medicine.

Sex strengthens the immune system

Making love, we increase the level of immunoglobulins, which protect the body from infectious, respiratory diseases and, first of all, from influenza.

Sex relieves women of migraines

The beautiful half of humanity often experiences a headache that turns into a migraine. In this case, regular sex will help. During orgasm, the female body produces endorphins, corticosteroids, which are as pain-relieving as pills.

Sex improves women's health

Statistics confirm that women who make love regularly have a stable menstrual cycle and painless “critical days”.

Sex against excess weight

Scientists have found that every minute of pleasant intimacy burns four calories. Therefore, people who are sexually active look slimmer.

Sex helps keep you young

Everyone knows that estrogen is a female hormone. But few have heard that he is responsible for the beauty and youth of beautiful ladies. Having sex at least every other day, you will look much younger than many of your peers.

Sex as cancer prevention

It is believed that cancer occurs as a result of a malfunction of the immune system. For a healthy immune system, the body needs oxytocin and serotonin, which are often called "sex" hormones. Regular sex ensures the proper level of these substances in the body.

Sex instead of antioxidants

It's no secret that toxins and harmful substances regularly pollute the body. Nature has laid in our bodies a natural process of cleansing - sex. Sexual activity improves blood circulation, so that the body gets rid of harmful substances faster.

Ten good reasons to have sex as often as possible. The list does not include prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland, normalization of thyroid function, health of the skin, oral cavity, respiratory organs.

Of course, sex is not a panacea, and if a person suffers from any chronic ailment, it will not be superfluous to overcome the awkwardness and ask the appropriate question to the attending physician. Love, have sex and be healthy!

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