A Young Grandmother Stole A Boyfriend From A Pregnant Daughter

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A Young Grandmother Stole A Boyfriend From A Pregnant Daughter
A Young Grandmother Stole A Boyfriend From A Pregnant Daughter

A young mother from the United States lost her mother and lover after returning from the hospital, reports The Sun. A 29-year-old young man and a 44-year-old grandmother of six grandchildren unexpectedly began an affair.

According to the publication, 24-year-old Jess Ruben went to the hospital on January 28, she took her mother, 44-year-old Georgina with her to the birth as support. Everything went well, but a couple of hours after the baby was born, the newly-made father announced that he was leaving the family because he was tired of being reproached for treason. As it turned out, the suspicions were well founded.

As soon as the girl returned home with the newborn, she found that her mother and boyfriend, 29-year-old Ryan, packed up and moved together to a new home. When the deceived young mother demanded an explanation, the newly-made grandmother just shrugged her shoulders and said that she could not choose whom to fall in love with. It is worth noting that Jess was with Ryan for three years, the couple have another child - two-year-old daughter Georgiana.

“This is a huge betrayal. Still, you expect your grandmother to fall in love immediately with the newborn, and not with his father. She was supposed to be a nice granny for my two children, help me, and instead, she has fun with my boyfriend,”the girl shared.

Another victim in this situation was the 56-year-old husband of a loving grandmother, Eric, who is now left alone. Jess is sure that quarantine became the impetus for the development of her mother's romance with the young chosen one - during the coronavirus pandemic, the family decided to live under one roof, and the sweet couple got a chance to get closer.

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