Spectacular Kandelaki In A Bright Dress, Stylish Ivanova In Total Black And Others At The Love Show

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Spectacular Kandelaki In A Bright Dress, Stylish Ivanova In Total Black And Others At The Love Show
Spectacular Kandelaki In A Bright Dress, Stylish Ivanova In Total Black And Others At The Love Show

Video: Spectacular Kandelaki In A Bright Dress, Stylish Ivanova In Total Black And Others At The Love Show

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Tina Kandelaki Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Sabina Akhmedova Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Timur Batrutdinov

Sergey Svetlakov with his wife Antonina Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Svetlana Ivanova Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Anatoly Bely with his wife Inessa Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Elena Borshcheva Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Yan Tsapnik, Sergey Svetlakov, Yuri Stoyanov Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Maxim Lagashkin with his wife Ekaterina Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Stanislav Yarushin with his wife Alena Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Rapper Ptakha with his wife Lana Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Iris Lebedeva with film producer Maxim Lebedev Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Tiktokers Yegor Ship and My Boyka Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Philip Ershov Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Makar Zaporozhye Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Natalia Parshenkova Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Sergey Svetlakov Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Kinoreporter" Maria Lemesheva Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Elena Valyushkina Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Yan Tsapnik Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Film producers Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Filmmakers Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

On February 3, the premiere of a new producer's film by Sergei Svetlakov took place at the October cinema in the capital.

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Among the first spectators were the star guests of the evening and the performers of the main roles Sergei Svetlakov, Sabina Akhmedova. Anatoly Bely with his wife Inessa, Timur Batrutdinov, Yan Tsapnik, Elena Valyushkina, Yuri Stoyanov, Philip Ershov, Natalya Parshenkova, Makar Zaporozhsky, Stanislav Yarushin, Elena Borshcheva, Iris Lebedeva and many others.

The guest of the show, Tina Kandelaki, for her new appearance, chose a spectacular bright blue fitted dress with long sleeves. The TV presenter supplemented her look with a wide leather belt and accordion boots. Tina let her hair down and did a moderate evening make-up.

The star of the series "The Kept Women" and "Call Center" Sabina Akhmedova once again tried on a bold outfit that successfully emphasized her slender figure. The actress wore a white blouse and a plaid miniskirt. The star let her long hair down and did evening makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. The fashionable clutch completed the look.

Svetlana Ivanova chose stylish total black: she tried on an oversized sweater and denim mini-skirt. The actress also opted for straight hair and did minimal makeup.

Sabina Akhmedova / Svetlana Ivanova Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Former KVN colleagues and friends Sergey Svetlakov and Timur Batrutdinov showed solidarity by choosing casual looks: dark jackets and jeans. The stars also pasted scarlet hearts on their chests with the name of the film.

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Timur Batrutdinov / Sergey Svetlakov Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

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The film takes place at the Love Hotel, which is considered the best place to be on February 14th. So this time the doors of the hotel are open for everyone who wants to make Valentine's Day special, wants to believe in love again, or at least not be alone on this day.

Former classmates meet in a restaurant in honor of the 40th anniversary of graduation, and old feelings flare up with renewed vigor. A jealous man tries to enter all the rooms on the floor to find his missing wife. A private detective and his attractive client arrange a spy show with wiretaps to bring out the scoundrel husband.

An immigrant maid from Uzbekistan chooses between love for her young boy and money from his mother, given for her immediate flight home. And the life of a humble student who dreams of becoming a man in just one hour will never be the same after meeting the most talkative night butterfly in the city.

The tape will be released on February 11.

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Photo: Ekaterina Shirinkina / WMJ.ru

Video: @ iVideos / YouTube

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