Boris Grachevsky, Artistic Director Of "Yeralash", Has Passed Away

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Boris Grachevsky, Artistic Director Of "Yeralash", Has Passed Away
Boris Grachevsky, Artistic Director Of "Yeralash", Has Passed Away

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Boris Grachevsky, 71, the head of Yeralash magazine, was hospitalized with coronavirus a few days ago. The man fought desperately for his life, but a few hours ago it became known about his death.

Boris's condition caused concern among doctors from the very beginning. An elderly man was admitted to a medical facility with a large lung injury. He was treated at home for several days and was even on the mend, when suddenly he suddenly felt unwell and went to the hospital.

Grachevsky was put into an artificial coma, and after a while he felt better. They even let his wife see the man, and everyone talked about improving the general condition. But yesterday, information about the worsening of the situation spread across the network: the lung damage reached 75%. The doctors were forced to put the artistic director of "Yeralash" into a drug-induced sleep again. Boris never got out of this state.

Grachevsky's young ex-wife Anna posted a photo of her ex-spouse on the Instagram social network. The fans became worried and inundated the woman with questions. A little later, she confirmed the fears of the fans: Boris passed away. The words of the unfortunate woman are saturated with pain and despair:

The fourth wife of Gracheskiy, Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya, who less than a year ago gave birth to her beloved son Philip, also posted a photo of a dear person on her page and left sorrowful words. The woman does not believe that she has lost her spouse. She thought that Grachevsky would be able to overcome the disease.

The information was confirmed by Boris's friends. Vladimir Dolinsky, sobbing, spoke on the phone about the death of a friend, and film critic Vyacheslav Shmyrov posted the sad news on the Facebook social network.

Information about the date and place of farewell to the great Boris Gracheskiy will be posted additionally.

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