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Video: Hollywood Undead - Nightmare (Official Music Video) 2023, January

He stated that Christina has frequent alcohol attacks. According to him, Ricci pounced on him and his six-year-old son with rage, after which she passed out, and when she regained consciousness, she did not remember what happened to her.


In turn, the actress, who was the first to sue James, claims that she has to hide all the knives in the house so that her husband does not cut her into small pieces, as he repeatedly threatened. She sleeps with the child, locking her room.

Hirdejen claims that this is all a lie. He admitted that one day his ex-wife, drunk to unconsciousness, fell, holding her son in her arms. And only a lucky chance helped to avoid serious damage.

In 2015, they threw a small party when their child was one year old. After getting drunk, Christina admitted that she had cheated on her husband with the producer of her show, after which she unleashed a stream of curses on James. The next morning, she said she just wanted to tease him.

In recent years, Christina has been drinking daily. Last year, the ex-spouses embarked on a painful divorce procedure. And Ricci, using her acting talent, convincingly demonstrated to the judge the abrasions and bruises allegedly from the beating of her husband. Her lawyers were excellent. The judge ordered that James not get closer than 100 yards to Ricci and his son and, above all, stay away even from their dog.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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