For An Unforgettable Night: Top Tips In Bed That Will Make Sex Brighter

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For An Unforgettable Night: Top Tips In Bed That Will Make Sex Brighter
For An Unforgettable Night: Top Tips In Bed That Will Make Sex Brighter

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For an unforgettable night: top tips in bed that will make sex brighter


If the passion has faded, and sex has become boring and monotonous, this is not a reason to be upset. Just a few tips will help diversify your personal life and make every night an unforgettable experience. What kind? Maria Rudkovskaya, a psychologist, sexologist, and trainer of the Secrets sex education center, speaks!

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Diversity in sex can be achieved in two ways: by pumping sex skills (learning techniques that give new sensations to a partner) or by armed with what the industry has come up with for us, from cosmetics to gadgets that are controlled from the phone and can be used even at a distance of cities and countries.

Oral sex

"The basic Instinct"

He always rules the mood and mind of men, so there is a special emphasis here. A new lubricant (lubricant) will diversify the sensations, for example, with an exciting warming effect and a bright taste that will delight both cunnilingus and blowjob. There are lubricants that have additional special effects (cooling / heating) and enhance the sensation. Which edible lubricants for the chilling effect I recommend: Swiss Navy Cooling Peppermint and CG Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Electric Mint. And my favorite with a warming effect is JoyDivision Warmup Strawberry. Also, thanks to lubricants, techniques and frictions become more sensual, sliding, and this surprisingly changes sex.

Swiss Navy Cooling Peppermint CG Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Electric Mint JoyDivision Warmup Strawberry

Of course, oral sex can be diversified by techniques: royal, or deep, blowjob - a big wish for men. In addition to the fact that you can go deeper than usual, there are a lot of variations in the technique. The simplest is to go deep into your throat and put a vibrating gadget to your throat. A man will experience very unusual sensations.

Manual sex


Few people know that it is possible to give pleasure and bring to orgasm manually, but with tricks. For example, you can take several Tenga egg masturbators, blindfold a man and start alternately stimulating the head of the penis, moving to the entire trunk (stimulators are made of pleasant material and stretch perfectly), giving a man pleasure of a different nature due to the relief. A man can use these same masturbators to stimulate his partner's clitoris.

Tenga egg

In manual practices, the visual effect is also important. Therefore, if you learn three beautiful and powerful lingam massage techniques, the night will be very hot.

Vaginal sex


For the first time, it is easiest and most interesting to change it with new gadgets. There are cool sex toys, the so-called clothespins for couples (We-Vibe): one part is inserted into the partner, the second goes to the clitoris, the man enters and, in addition to being narrow, feels vibration. The toy can be controlled from the remote control or the application on the phone. You can start playing and having real sex long before bed. The toy can be in a woman during the working day in the office, sexting will warm up the desire of partners until the evening.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

Anal sex

The Vampire Chronicles

By itself, it can already become a novelty in relationships for many couples. But I can offer an even more interesting option - butt plug (rhinestone) in a woman adds piquancy to the image and closes at least two sex fantasies in a man - about double penetration and different types of sex. Sex will be brighter for both the girl and the man. The scenario can be like this: a girl inserts an anal rhinestone into herself and sends a photo to her partner. Naturally, he will run home as fast as he can.The plug is great to use during vaginal sex as it constricts the volume of the vagina due to the pressure on the back wall.

Role-playing game

"Long road"

Each couple has their own fantasies: some men dream of an escort girl Vivian from the movie "Pretty Woman" or want to recoup deuces at school and "punish" a strict teacher, many girls rave about a strong and domineering boss and would like to be on his desk with neckline. There are a lot of ideas. The ideal option is when partners talk to each other and share their erotic fantasies. It is better to prescribe a stimulating script with words and actions, costume, text for SMS and photos in advance.

Another good option is sex themed hotels. These are rooms that already have all the paraphernalia for adults: cages, sex swings and cars, striptease pole, whips, handcuffs and much more. An excellent option that you can organize for yourself this coming weekend.

The main rule is to discuss everything with each other and not do what one of the partners does not like, because sex is a mutual pleasure.

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