17 Animals That Form Happier And More Harmonious Couples Than Humans

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17 Animals That Form Happier And More Harmonious Couples Than Humans
17 Animals That Form Happier And More Harmonious Couples Than Humans

Video: 17 Animals That Form Happier And More Harmonious Couples Than Humans

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Video: 7 Strongest Friendships Between Humans and Wild Animals 2023, January

There are many animal species in the world that know how to faithfully love their partners. So much so that many people could envy them. Or learn from them the art of love, loyalty and competent relationship building. Most of these couples are monogamous and remain faithful to a single partner. All of them are masters of expressing their feelings and tender care for a partner. There is clearly a lot to learn here!


2. Sea otters.

When it comes time to eat, sleep, or just rest, otters do it in the water. And during sleep, partners always hold on to their paws so that they are not separated by the current.

3. Seahorses.

What do you say to your partner when you wake up in the morning? “Hi, I love you” or “Empty the bath - I'll be late for work!”? Seahorses greet each other every morning with a unique dance, during which they sometimes change color. The couple perform stunning pirouettes together and then leave for the rest of the day. The next time they meet, they greet each other to make sure their partner is still alive, as well as to strengthen their union and synchronize their reproductive cycles.

4. Gentoo penguins.

Every man knows that you cannot propose without a ring. When a male gentoo penguin finds “that very woman,” he looks for the most perfect, smoothest pebble on the beach to present to his beloved. If she likes the pebble, she puts it in her nest, and these two can officially be called "husband and wife."

5. Elephants.

Elephants are powerful animals, but when it comes to lovers, they are tenderness itself. An elephant has up to 100,000 different muscles in its trunk, and it is more sensitive than human fingers. So it is not surprising that when elephants "roll up" to each other, they twine their trunks. Also, these giants use trunks to stroke their partner's head and back when they are sad.

6. Bristletooth.

Some representatives of the bristletooth live on their own until they find that very only partner. Once united, the couple will travel, hunt and mate for the rest of their lives. If, for some reason, these two part, they risk everything and rush into the water column above the reef to find each other.

7. Two-horned kalao.

Everyone has seen a couple at least once who simply cannot tear themselves away from each other. They seem to be possessed. Well, in the animal world, lovers like that are a pair of two-horned kalaos. Their mating ritual consists of singing a duet. After laying eggs, the female stays in the nest for two months and eats only what her husband brings to her.

8. Lovebirds.

So, if two-horned kalao are like your friends who cannot live without each other, then lovebirds are like those who have been together since school, but are still just as cute. These birds choose a partner for themselves at the age of two months. They spend the rest of their lives together, sitting on a perch and caressing each other.

9. Anglerfish.

True love is when you stay together even in difficult times. In the complete darkness of the deep ocean, a tiny male anglerfish could become depressed about its size. But instead, he uses it as motivation. When it comes time to mate, the male swims up to the much larger (and more fearsome) female and gives her a special "kiss of love". There is a release of enzymes that "glue" his mouth to her body. And you thought finger tattoos were forever.

Did you know that the slippery slow snails were most likely the inspiration for the Greek Cupids? Although snails are hermaphrodites, they need a partner to complete the fertilization process.To do this, they shoot "love darts" covered with musk at each other. Most of the "shots" do not reach the target, but those that do hit the snail's reproductive organs. After successful stimulation, the partners exchange sperm cells for 6 hours And some of the people are proud that they can have sex for an entire hour

12. Bonobos.

Few people understand the importance of foreplay as well as bonobos. These primates are one of the few animals that have face-to-face sex. They also groom each other and brush their partner's hair, hug and kiss a lot, just like us.

13. Birds-bowerbirds.

No self-respecting woman wants to have children (or at least have sex) in an unpleasant environment. That is why the male bowerbird spends most of his time in search of every little thing, which should be shiny or blue, or both. He decorates the nest with this carefully selected decor in the hope that the lady of his heart will agree to spend the night with him.

14. American black catharts.

There is a soul mate for each of us. Even if you are not very cute and like to eat carrion. American black catharts find a lifelong partner and stay together all year round. Both the female and the male are responsible for incubating the eggs, incubating them “in shifts” (24 hours each). There are cases when katharts attacked their relatives, who tried to repulse their partners.

15. Australian shorttail.

These lizards are masters of slow love. Males chase the object of their adoration for months, gently licking and nudging her to show how dear she is to them. This innocent foreplay lasts for months. But when a couple formally seal their union by mating, the two will seek out each other every season for 20 years or more. When one of the partners dies, his other half remains with the dead body for several days, gently nudging him, as if trying to resurrect.

16. Canadian cranes.

These birds may not be completely monogamous, but that doesn't mean they are not romantic. During the mating ritual, the couples stand very close to each other and sing in unison.

17. Manakinovs.

The Manakinovs are excellent dancers when it comes to expressing their feelings. But this colorful bird is the only one of its kind that can do the moonwalk to impress the object of its adoration.

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