Tatyana Okunevskaya: How Abakumov Took Revenge On The Famous Actress For A Slap In The Face

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Tatyana Okunevskaya: How Abakumov Took Revenge On The Famous Actress For A Slap In The Face
Tatyana Okunevskaya: How Abakumov Took Revenge On The Famous Actress For A Slap In The Face

Video: Tatyana Okunevskaya: How Abakumov Took Revenge On The Famous Actress For A Slap In The Face

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Tatyana Okunevskaya was known as one of the most beautiful actresses in the USSR. She was courted by many prominent political and military figures of the time. But Okunevskaya never looked at titles and ranks. If the gentleman behaved cheekily, the actress could flare up. And once she slapped the Minister of State Security Abakumov himself, for which she later paid.


Movie debut

Tatyana Kirillovna Okunevskaya was born in 1914 in the Tver region. At first, the girl did not think about an acting career. However, it was the cinema that brought her to her future husband, actor Dmitry Varlamov. The couple had a daughter. But the marriage did not work out. Soon Tatyana left her unlucky husband, who, among other things, began to let go.

But the black streak in the life of the actress suddenly turned white. It was after parting with Varlamov in 1934 that Okunevskaya made her film debut in Mikhail Romm's film "Pyshka", and in 1935 she played one of the main roles in the film "Hot Days".

Father is an enemy of the people

In 1937, terrible days came in the life of the actress, however, as for many Soviet citizens. Father Okunevskaya was arrested and shot. From the theater, where Tatyana Kirillovna served then, she was asked. Perhaps it was precisely in order to solve the material difficulties that arose with the loss of her job that she married the writer Boris Gorbatov. Although the marriage subsequently fell apart, Okunevskaya's life slowly improved.

It will not be superfluous to note that, despite the stigma of the daughter of an enemy of the people, a spectacular woman was very popular with the most senior men and could choose any of them. At various periods of Okunevskaya's life, both the People's Commissar of the NKVD Lavrenty Beria and the leader of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito were fascinated. But the most fatal for the actress was the meeting with the Minister of State Security Viktor Abakumov.

10 years of camps

According to some reports, Tatyana Okunevskaya met with Abakumov at one of the receptions. The minister drank too much and began to pester the beauty. But Okunevskaya could not stand insolence and gave the unlucky gentleman a slap in the face. Perhaps she did not know at all who was standing in front of her, but maybe, on the contrary, she knew and was perfectly aware of what she was doing. In general, in 1948 Okunevskaya was arrested. She was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda. She spent over a year in prison. After a series of interrogations, Tatyana Kirillovna was brought before Abakumov. He again tried to fondle the actress, but received a second slap in the face. Immediately after this trick, Okunevskaya was sentenced to 10 years and sent to a camp in Kazakhstan.

While in the Gulag, the actress was more than once on the verge of life and death, but nevertheless she was able not only to survive, but also to preserve human feelings in herself. Okunevskaya, even in the harsh camp conditions, managed to fall in love with one of the prisoners. Of course, this love was platonic, but still. Unfortunately, Tatiana Kirillovna's beloved passed away. And Okunevskaya herself, having served time, returned home.

Despite the fact that she had a lot to go through, the actress tried to keep fit until the end of her days. She also had romances and even formal marriages. She died in 2002 at the age of 88. Many events from her life are known only from the stories of Okunevskaya herself, which is why now it is not possible to confirm or refute her words.

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