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All Condom Secrets
All Condom Secrets

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Most couples use a condom as a means of protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But at present, their choice is so diverse that you simply get lost in the choice.


Did you know that a condom can also be a pretty spicy twist in sex? reveals all the secrets of the condom!

Condoms are the most optimal way to provide sexual protection, harmless to health and provide maximum protection against unwanted pregnancies and various diseases. History of the Condom It is known that the first mention of the condom dates back to about 3000 BC. According to the legend, the king of Crete Minos was very amorous and often cheated on his wife Pasiphae. The distressed wife cursed him, casting a strong spell, according to which during ejaculation Minos did not spew out sperm, but snakes and scorpions, as a result of which the women bitten by the reptiles began to die.

The number of the king's mistresses steadily decreased, but Minos did not want to put up with this fact. Then he inserted a goat's bladder into the vagina of one of the mistresses - and copulation was successful. According to legend, this day was the birthday of the condom.

In any case, we can confidently say that condoms are more than one thousand years old. In the history of ancient Egypt, there are paintings on papyrus and stone with condoms on the penis, which were often adorned with precious stones and fabrics.

Around the same time, there are references in the history of Japan about an invention called "kawagata", which was designed to protect a woman from unwanted pregnancy. Kawagata was made from specially made soft animal skin.

But the ancient Romans made a prototype of modern condoms from resin, and had a cylindrical product.

According to archaeological excavations, it was the Romans who began the large-scale production of condoms: they were distributed to legionary soldiers. But by that time, sheep intestines had already begun to serve as material for ancient condoms.

As a protection against sexually transmitted diseases, the condom began to be used only in the late 15th - early 16th centuries. Outbreaks of syphilis all over the world made scientists think about how to protect people from this terrible disease, which they did not know how to treat.

It was then that Gabriel Fallopius, a well-known anatomist and physician at that time, came up with the idea of ​​protecting against syphilis with a canvas bag soaked in salt and special medications put on the penis.

But condoms went on sale only in 1712. At that time, condoms were used only for personal hygiene purposes when visiting brothels. Means of protection were made from the blind intestines of animals, therefore, they were extremely expensive.

The first rubber condom was created in 1885 with the invention of vulcanization. In the Soviet Union (in which, as we remember, "there was no sex"), the production was established under the patronage of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria himself at the Bakovsky plant.

Then the condoms got the name “product number two” - “product number one” at the aforementioned plant were gas masks.

But there is still controversy regarding the name: some believe that the word "condom" has Latin roots (condus), others that the parent of the name is the doctor Condom, who lived at the court of Charles II, others believe that the product was named that way thanks to the city of the same name in France.

Interesting that

in the Museum of London in the exhibition hall one of the oldest condoms found during archaeological excavations is presented, which is about 350 years old.

Modern condoms are made from latex, which, according to research, is the best protection against the penetration of foreign fluid into a woman's body, and with it - bacteria, microbes and microorganisms.

How to choose?

With today's variety, choosing a condom can be a pretty exciting experience. In this case, attention should be paid to many parameters.


The most unsuccessful in this regard are condoms made in Asia. Remember that any country can be indicated on the box, but the barcode is unlikely to be fooled. The first three numbers will help you figure out where the product that you are holding in your hands comes from.

For example, the number 899 means that the condom was made in Indonesia, 890 in India. It happens that the barcode contains numbers that are not assigned to any country.

It is also important that on each condom on the foil, the batch number and expiration date must be indicated without fail, and if the condom is sold without a box, then the manufacturer.

According to the standards, European condoms also bear the CE mark, which confirms the quality of the product.

It is better not to buy condoms of unknown origin.

Smell and color

It all depends on your preferences. It should be remembered, though, that banana and strawberry flavors are still considered the sexiest.

But it's better to think about the color of the condom. I would like to advise you to choose a product in shades close to naturalness. Of course, if you are not intimidated by the sight of a blue or green member.


All kinds of condoms do not exist: with pimples, ribbed, with antennae, with a dense tip The choice is extremely wide.

Remember that these "bells and whistles" are provided for additional stimulation of the vagina. They may like them, or they may create the discomfort of unnaturalness.

According to the results of a statistical survey, 68.7% still prefer naturalistic thin condoms without any improvements, motivating their choice by the fact that they are making love with a partner, and not with a condom.

Lubrication The packaging is often labeled “with lubricant”. If you use lubricants during sex, then it is better for you to choose these condoms - they contain special, safe water-based lubricants.

If a woman, in principle, releases a sufficient amount of lubricant, then you are unlikely to need them - they will constantly slide, bringing tangible discomfort to sexual intercourse.

Special offers

I really wanted to give this item a separate place, although it still refers to the previous one.

Nowadays, condom manufacturing firms seem to no longer know how else to please customers, as a result of which there are some curious specimens of condoms. Figures Condoms in the form of animals, stars and the like are more likely souvenir items. They tear more often than others, so using them is rather risky.

For first sex

These condoms contain anesthetics to reduce pain. Such condoms are advised to purchase for those couples who want to increase the duration of intercourse: anesthetics reduce sensitivity, as a result of which the time of sexual contact increases.


This is a very interesting invention for those who like to experiment. The glow is obtained by treating latex with zinc sulfide and copper. Don't worry - these condoms are safe (as long as they are not overused, of course).

For oral sex

This is often the label for simply flavored condoms, which taste no different from others. But well-known companies have rather curious examples: condoms, when special flavoring additives are added to the lubricant, really turn out to be quite “appetizing”.

With additional features

The most famous ones are with vibration.This is already a real technical invention! The built-in mini vibrator is almost invisible and imperceptible. The trouble with these condoms is that they "work" (usually) no more than 10 minutes. For some couples, sex lasts longer.

At the same time, additional lubricant cannot be used with such condoms - they fail. Why the condom “fails” Everyone knows cases when, despite the use of a condom, an unwanted pregnancy or infection with a venereal disease occurred.

And almost everyone had a case when a condom treacherously broke, endangering health and future. Why is this happening?

If we talk about pregnancy, then we should not forget that a condom protects a woman from fertilization only in 97.3% of cases.

Yes, this percentage is very close to one hundred, but it is not absolute, so it is naive to assume that getting pregnant while using a condom is fantastic.

Think about it: out of every 100 couples in 2 pairs (almost 3) after using a condom, pregnancy still occurs. Not so little when you consider that you cannot predict that you will never hit the two.

Also, one of the reasons leading to undesirable consequences is improper donning of the condom and damage to the product.

This can happen:

When opening the foil in which the condom is packed, it can be accidentally damaged: with long nails, teeth (and about 27% use teeth!), Jewelry (for example, rings).

Likewise, condoms can be damaged during intercourse. You should be especially careful if you often practice oral sex: the condom can be accidentally damaged by teeth or piercing rings.

If you put on the condom the wrong way, that is, the wrong side. This is not uncommon; you may simply not be able to see which way the curled edge is facing. If the condom is worn for an unusually long time and the process is uncomfortable, it is difficult to unwind it - you have made this very mistake. In no case should you try to put on such a condom correctly by “turning it over”. It must be thrown away.

If the size of the condom does not match the size of the penis. Unfortunately, there is simply no single marking, so it will be necessary to determine the size empirically.

If the condom has been in your pocket or purse for a long time and its packaging looks frayed. Most likely, the tightness of the condom has already been damaged.

When the condom has expired.

Yes, do not be surprised, all legally produced condoms are equipped with such marking, and it is simply necessary to pay attention to the expiration date.

If you use extra lubricant during intercourse. They should only be used if they are water-based: lubricants based on oil or petroleum jelly will destroy latex.

If you are using substandard condoms. Remember: condoms should only be purchased at pharmacies, but certainly not at roadside kiosks. You don't buy aspirin from shoe boutiques, do you?

If you are using one condom for multiple intercourses. This does not mean at all that you use it 2 or 3 days in a row.

You just need to firmly understand: intercourse ends immediately after ejaculation. Therefore, it should not be confused with "night of love"

By the way, even though it is impossible to get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease during oral sex, it is simply necessary to use a condom because of basic hygiene: a lot of bacteria "live" in the oral cavity.

And do not forget that a condom cannot protect against pubic lice! It may sound ridiculous, but there are those who believe that such protection is included in the list.

Remember: if the condom breaks, you must immediately remove the penis from the vagina, which should be immediately rinsed and doused with the weakest manganese solution.

Advantages and disadvantages Of course, this method of contraception has its disadvantages as well. Many people complain that using a condom destroys spontaneity.

There are those who say that when using a condom, sensitivity and acuity of sensations decrease

But still, most of all I would like to emphasize the merits. At least 2 main ones.

1. When using a condom, your partner is actively involved in family planning.

2. No other method of contraception can provide you with complete protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Although, of course, condom use is a private matter for each individual couple. There are, for example, people who are allergic to latex (although, in fairness, it is worth noting that there are also women who are allergic to semen).

What is customary to keep silent about

76% of men admit that they are turned on when a woman puts a condom on them. Of these, 84% are extremely aroused when their partner does it with her mouth!

Of course, it's up to you to decide who and how. But maybe you should try to break the stereotype of family protected sex and do it yourself? Or, if this is everyday life for you, try at least once in this intimate process to use your own sponges?

After all, you don't have to tell your mom or your friend about this. It is enough that you make your man and yourself happy.

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