Personal Experience: "I Taught My Lover To Tickling"

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Personal Experience: "I Taught My Lover To Tickling"
Personal Experience: "I Taught My Lover To Tickling"

Video: Personal Experience: "I Taught My Lover To Tickling"

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A couple of years ago, I divorced my prude husband and decided to thoroughly pursue my intimate life. Namely - to try out as many different sex techniques as possible in order to finally enjoy the process, and not pretend that I am getting it.

It was in the course of my experiments that I taught the young lover to tickling. In Russian, tickling is tickling. It is believed that this sex practice is a form of BDSM, but I do not really agree with that. Still, tickling is a rather gentle foreplay that helps to relax a partner and diversify love games.

You can tickle your lover with anything - be it your own nails or a silk scarf. However, I prefer the feather sticks from sex shops. They create the right mood and are very easy to use.

First of all, you need to find the most sensitive areas of your partner: in men, these are often the feet, inner thighs and buttocks. Ask your lover to relax as much as possible, and start ticking yourself. You can start softly and unobtrusively, gradually speeding up, and then slowing down again.

At first, my man did not understand why all this was needed, but after tickling and sex, which happened to us later, he said that he really liked it.

By the way, tickling works just as well with women. For several times, my partner understood exactly how to give pleasure in this way and did not remain in debt. It is clear that women have other erogenous zones, but your man will definitely find them during practice.


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