Sweet-tongued Ward Of Uranus: What He Is Like In Bed, Aquarius Man

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Sweet-tongued Ward Of Uranus: What He Is Like In Bed, Aquarius Man
Sweet-tongued Ward Of Uranus: What He Is Like In Bed, Aquarius Man

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Aquarius is perhaps the most chatty among their fellow signs in the starry sky. That's really who is ready to talk with you until the morning. This quality allows them to bewitch women once or twice: the conversation flows like a trickle, compliments follow one after another, and now the lady is gladly ready to continue the evening

in a more intimate setting.

Aquarius uses his talent very selectively. First, he will carefully assess the object of the hunt. These men are not slaves of the flesh, they would rather spend some time without intimate pleasures at all than turn their gaze on an insufficiently attractive person, in their opinion. At the same time, appearance is far from a determining criterion.

Representatives of this sign are not looking for ways to satisfy their momentary desires, but the opportunity to feed their imaginations. And if the partner ceases to support his constant desire to explore more and more facets of her person, then he loses interest in her. By the way, perhaps that is why they have been unable to find a permanent life partner for so long, who should be not only aesthetically attractive, but also spiritually rich. Sexologist Vitaly AZUROV tells about the preferences of Vodoleev.


It is not so easy for ladies to catch a man born under the auspices of Uranus in their nets. This tireless inventor appreciates everything that does not fit into the framework of his usual ideas. Beauties with Hollywood looks, but dummy inside - clearly not his story. Aquarius can only be interested in intrigue, promising secrets and a riot of fantasy.

Expert commentary: “In terms of love, these are the most selective of all the other signs of the Zodiac,” notes Vitaly AZUROV. - They can charm any lady, but they choose only the one with whom flirting is possible. In order to lead her, a woman must be not only charming, but also smart enough. This turns the Aquarius on even more than the pretty lingerie or the overt display of passion. Therefore, the process of acquaintance should begin with a conversation in which there are half-hints and ambiguities.

Aquarius will always pay attention to a feminine who has an exotic appearance for him or is able to give him something hitherto unknown. The lady herself will be able to accelerate events - for example, if she hints at what color she is wearing today. A vivid imagination will draw an image of a seductress, and this will simply blow his head off. Inborn curiosity will no longer give him peace - now he is simply obliged to compare the image in his mind with reality.

You can warm up a handsome man and try on the image of a mysterious stranger or an eccentric girl out of this world. Unexpected actions, behavior that does not fit into standard patterns - all this intrigues and attracts the chosen one. You can not be afraid to shock and drive him into a dead end with philosophical questions, such as, for example, is there life after the death of love? But it's better not to dwell on the personal. Avoid direct questions or deliberately come up with intricate “life stories”.

Do not rush to relax if this chatterbox, it would seem, is already at your feet; how long it will be possible to keep him on the hook depends largely on the chosen one. One-off appointments are not the right choice. The usual physiology at night is not interesting to him, sex without feelings, emotions and unity of souls, according to the representative of this sign, is a waste of time."


Representatives of this sign know a lot about love affairs, and if they invite a girl to the "continuation of the banquet", then at least until the morning.And it will be a whole night of passion.

Expert commentary: “As soon as it comes to intimacy, Aquarians can show wonders of surprises and acrobatics,” continues Vitaly AZUROV. - The partner should not lag behind: the more involvement she shows, the brighter the emotions will be. The first thing to start with is the scene itself. The more extraordinary it is, the better. If this is a house, then it is not necessary to limit yourself to the bedroom. Think about the way to the bathroom, to the shower stall, to the jacuzzi filled with abundant foam. Well, the cherry on this cake of delight is a loggia (of course, if it is glazed). A warm hug against the backdrop of city lights is a pleasure that Aquarius will appreciate.

For a representative of this sign, love joys themselves are not just a set of mechanical movements, but an organic continuation of an intellectual connection. Therefore, he will prefer positions in which he can consider all the emotions on the face of his beloved.

Aquarius will not refuse culinary preludes either. Activate all receptors by repeating the famous scene from the painting "9 and a half weeks": blindfold your partner and taste strawberries, cream and chocolate sauce together. Such a man easily agrees to everything new, therefore, with a good set of circumstances in bed, he will not miss the opportunity to try everything that he has managed to get acquainted with in theory, and will also readily practice what the chosen one will offer. Such a night will be interesting and exciting: this sign by its nature does not accept frames and conventions: any boundaries and rules reduce its desire to nothing. And if he gets the green light, then it will be extremely difficult to stop him. He will try many things: exotic toys and unfamiliar devices, new positions and even aphrodisiacs."


Surprising an Aquarius in bed is not so easy. The older he gets, the more theory and practice he has already mastered. But even the most experienced ladies' man can be conquered if you know the cherished places - erogenous zones.

Specialist comment: “You can please your chosen one with the help of a light erotic massage,” says Vitaly AZUROV. - Do not forget to just warm up your hands. Please note that this sign usually does not like cold touches.

Pay special attention to the calves and lower legs during the massage. There are concentrated many "magic" points of pleasure. These areas can be caressed in different ways: stroking, massaging, kissing, biting, passionately embrace with the whole palm. An excellent option for "warming up" can be a joint bath - with a massage of the legs with a sponge or just with your hands with foam. Another area is the cheekbones. If you cover them with hot kisses, it is possible that Aquarius will close her eyes with pleasure and will not be able to contain the passionate pressure."

FAMOUS MEN born under the zodiac sign Aquarius:

* actor Alexander PETROV, * comedian and TV presenter Timur BATRUTDINOV, * footballer Fyodor SMOLOV.

Alexander PETROV. Despite his wide popularity and many charming fans around, he did not acquire the fame of a womanizer. On the screen, he often plays the "bad" guy, but in real life he is a 100% monogamous man. As befits an Aquarius, he first seeks a spiritual connection, and enjoys if he gets the opportunity to do something with his beloved. With his first chosen one - Daria EMELYANOVA - Petrov spent almost 10 years together, the romance began at school and continued while studying at the university. The youthful hobby still ended, but Alexander found the following passions on the set - both Irina STARSHENBAUM and Stasya MILOSLAVSKAYA. He is still in a relationship with the latter.

Timur BATRUTDINOV. One of the most enviable bachelors in the domestic show business is in no hurry to tie the knot. It is difficult for young ladies to resist his charm. As a typical Aquarius, Timur can talk almost any beauty.But Batrutdinov does not abuse the gift of stars from the sky. It is known that the comedian's first and only love was a girl whom he met in his youth - Tamara ARONOVA. The couple broke up, but the former lovers still maintain a warm relationship. After parting, Timur had several hobbies, but none of them grew into something more serious.

Fyodor SMOLOV. For a long time, the striker of the Russian national football team was the object of girlish dreams, until this handsome man met “Miss Russia - 2003” - Victoria LOPYREVA. The blonde fashion model won the heart of the footballer Casanova. The relationship lasted almost three years, but ended in complete collapse. This was followed by two more stormy romances - and also with models, but they all ended in a breakup. After all, Smolov, like a typical Aquarius, appreciates in a girl not only external beauty, but also a rich spiritual world.

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