The Son Of Elena Yakovleva Got Into A Scandal

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The Son Of Elena Yakovleva Got Into A Scandal
The Son Of Elena Yakovleva Got Into A Scandal

Video: The Son Of Elena Yakovleva Got Into A Scandal

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The heir to the celebrity was accused of cruelty to animals.


The scandalous story began when Denis and his girlfriend Svetlana wanted to take four cats from the shelter. Lovers are very kind to pets and try to provide them with comfort. However, quite unexpectedly, Yakovleva's son was faced with a negative response.

Quite unexpectedly, a volunteer girl who is engaged in the protection of animals accused Denis Shalnykh of beating the dog that lives with him, because she does not obey. The volunteer said: she offered the guy the services of a dog handler, but he refused. After that, the lady said that she began to receive voice messages with insults.

Crazy, having heard this information, was extremely indignant. The fact is that the young man is very fond of cats and dogs. This was repeatedly mentioned by his star mother.

Denis noted that he really had a conflict with the girl. However, the reason is that she made public the address and telephone number without his consent. According to the guy, he can answer rudely to a person, but there are always good reasons for this.

It is worth noting that Denis lives separately from his parents, but he has many pets. He had love for them since childhood, Shalny even dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Relatives financially help the guy, in which he does not see anything shameful. Yakovleva's son declares that he prefers to live in the present and not think about the future.

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