Tarzan Again Accused Of Treason

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Tarzan Again Accused Of Treason
Tarzan Again Accused Of Treason

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Actress Ksenia Chernova published a frank correspondence with Natalia Koroleva's husband, stripper and bodybuilder Sergei Glushko (Tarzan). This is the second recent charge of treason.

We studied the technique of speech three times in the first month,”Politics Today quotes her.

The actress and the stripper met behind the scenes of the play Casanova, in which Tarzan played the main role. After six months of joint training in speech technique, stage partners became lovers, added Chernov.

Earlier Tarzan cheated on his wife with actress Anastasia Shulzhenko. The scandal erupted after Koroleva returned from vacation. She said that after her return, jewelry worth 5 million rubles was missing. Soon Glushko admitted that he had brought two girls in the absence of his wife, who robbed him. Some time later, he confirmed the rumors that had arisen about his infidelity, but said that he was insidiously seduced.

One of the culprits of the scandal, Anastasia Shulzhenko, taking advantage of the attention to her person, began to go to various talk shows. It turned out that this was not new to her: earlier she made a living by acting in various programs, where she played the heroines of fictional stories. At some point, the girl even stated that she was pregnant with Glushko, but the test result did not confirm this.

Koroleva herself does not consider the spouse's connection to be a betrayal. According to the artist, her husband is a “big child” who easily succumbs to emotions, NEWS.ru wrote.

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