How To Relax In Bed If You Are Shy

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How To Relax In Bed If You Are Shy
How To Relax In Bed If You Are Shy

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“I spent the last year without sex, at all. The fact is that after the operation she recovered greatly. Even before that I was not thin, but now I feel like a real "thunder-woman". I have a fan with whom we have been going on dates for three months, he insistently suggests "to continue communication in a relaxed atmosphere." I understand what he is driving at and refuse. I can't even imagine that he will see all my folds and cellulite. It seems to me that he will immediately leave me and leave. Can you deal with the shame your body is causing? " Victoria, 27 years old

- Good afternoon, Victoria! For the first time, a girl forms a feeling of shame for her naked body at the age of three to five years. It is very important that at this moment the parents set the social framework carefully and accurately, for example, say: “It is not customary to walk naked in public,” and not “Why are you not ashamed to walk naked! People will laugh! " From childhood, such statements form an attitude towards one's body, and even more so towards intimate organs, as to something shameful.

Often the roots of insecurity grow precisely from childhood and not entirely correct behavior of parents. However, this can also be corrected.

First, be honest with yourself, any body is worthy of love and desire. A good exercise for self-acceptance is to stand naked in front of a mirror every day and aloud to name the parts you like. Secondly, pay attention to the stars of domestic and foreign show business - many of them are "in the body", but adored and desired.

As for your partner, if you have been in contact for a long time and want to continue the relationship, do not be afraid to be in an intimate atmosphere with him. If he spent so much time with you, then you are interesting to him. He noticed all your roundness even on the first date, and, therefore, he liked them.

The sexuality of a man is different from that of a woman. If he wants you, is excited, then his attention is dull. He does not see "imperfections", but only the general picture of a gorgeous naked seductress in front of him - and he likes her.

The first time, if you don't feel comfortable, you can ask him to turn off the main light and leave only the night light or burning candles, this will help you to relax. Remember, sex is already good, enjoy the main thing, omitting the details.

But in general, acceptance of your body is a complex work that must be carried out together with a specialist - a sexologist or psychologist.

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