30 Sexual Fantasies That Are Ashamed To Talk About

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30 Sexual Fantasies That Are Ashamed To Talk About
30 Sexual Fantasies That Are Ashamed To Talk About

Video: 30 Sexual Fantasies That Are Ashamed To Talk About

Video: 30 Sexual Fantasies That Are Ashamed To Talk About
Video: Jordan Peterson: How to Deal with Sexual Fantasies? 2023, March

BuzzFeed users have shared the most unusual and even bizarre erotic fantasies. And we hasten to assure you that this is not just a "threesome" or sex with a roommate - their dreams are much more original.

What is only secret sex with Putin or role-playing game with Professor Severus Snape from "Harry Potter" But we left the most interesting "for dessert", so take a couple of minutes to learn a lot about people.

I am incredibly turned on by the thought of my boyfriend cumming inside me and getting pregnant. Until we plan children, I take contraceptives, and he always pulls out on time, but the thought of how he penetrates deep into me and floods all of me from the inside with sperm haunt me. (23 years old, female, hetero)

I would like to strip my partner in public and suck him off. People would have gathered around, my boy would have been a little embarrassed, but I continued anyway until he finished. (31 y.o. male, gay)

Don't judge me, please, but I've always wanted to have sex with Putin. Preferably on the balcony. And so that no one knows about it. (18 years old, female, pansexual)

I would like to arrange a competition: who will last longer without describing himself. Some sexy girl who turns it on too. (18 years old, girl, bi)

My sexual fantasy about Little Red Riding Hood. I am in a sexy red outfit and with a basket in my hands, knocking on the door, and a stranger opens the door to me. I say that he has big strong hands, and he replies: this is in order to better touch you, and begins to caress my feet. Then I compliment his lips, he squeezes my mouth with his hand and kisses my neck. What happens next, you can imagine. (35 years old, woman, hetero)

I always wanted to be grabbed by a cop, handcuffed and fucked on the hood of my car. I tend to be dominant in real life, so the thought of humiliation and submission turns me on. (24 years old, male, gay)

I never talked about it, but I always wanted to try to cum in a cup and drink the contents, to feel the taste. (19 years old, female, hetero)

At an early age, I always fantasized about having sex with some kind of amorphous creature that could give out any size / shape / number of tentacles that I wanted. As something that could read my mind, do what I want, and feed on sexual energy or something else, I don't know Sexual symbiotic relationship! (37 years old, female, pansexual)

I love RPGs, so I often fantasize about the Harry Potter RPG. Snape and a diligent Ravenclaw House student. Near the wall, on the table Oh, yes! I already have Snape's costume from last Halloween. First of all, this fantasy came about thanks to Alan Rickman, who played Snape. I really like tall, dark-haired and gloomy people. (23 years old, female, bi)

In fact, I have a rape fantasy, but I never told anyone about it or asked them to do it. There are so many women in the world whose lives have been ruined because they were raped. But we do not choose fantasies, fantasies choose us. (34 years old, woman)

I always wanted to be tied up and fed tightly, and then told what kind of pig I am and what a big belly I have. It always seemed to me very erotic to overeat and then become an object of humiliation. And the most erogenous zone on my body is my belly. (26 years old, male, gay)

I'm in a human anatomy class. The class discusses the reproductive system, and the teacher uses me to demonstrate. He makes me sit on the table, legs apart. He first gives a lecture on female anatomy and then moves on to sexuality and starts fondling me in front of the entire audience. Other students are encouraged to come closer and repeat what he is doing. (24 years old, female, hetero)

Sex on camera with my identical twin. (39 years old, male, gay)

Lesbian nurses and enemas. Real hospital office, real tools, uniform and procedure. So that the girls forcibly brought me to orgasm, sticking a butt plug in my ass, and a man was watching all this. And in the process, I was given a gynecological examination and examined the rectum. (28 years old, woman, bi)

I want to have the superpower to sleep with anyone - to make other people want me, regardless of their orientation. (30 years old, male, gay)

My biggest fantasy is to visit a place where women are pleasured by sex machines. I want to be fucked by a dildo, feel the vibrator on my clitoris and stimulate the nipples at the same time. For these tools to make me cunnilingus. I've seen this kind of thing in porn. There was a girl who was tied up, bent over and fucked. She said that she had never had such strong orgasms. Since then, I have been thinking about it regularly. (18 years old, woman, bi)

I've been in love with my ex for nine years. After watching Westworld, I began to think how great it would be to have a robot that looked and behaved like him. These dreams soon turned into sexual fantasies. I started to masturbate often and in these moments imagine my ex-robot. My current boyfriend would die if he found out. (39 years old, female, hetero)

I've always wanted to have sex with a large group of girls. Nine or ten women and I am one. And so that they all want me. (19 years old, male, hetero)

I would like a hell of a lot to be able to change genitals for a while. To fuck someone with a dick and then fuck in the vagina and then switch to tentacles (or something even more non-Euclidean) and masturbate. (22 years old, queer)

In my fantasy, I live in a secluded house in the woods. One day a handsome, muscular man (40 or 50 years old) comes to me. First, we will have a drink, talk while sitting by the fireplace, get to know each other better. All this will take several days, after which we will have a whole week of passionate, intense sex on the floor, on the bed, in the forest, and so on. My favorite moment in fantasy is when he ties me to a tree trunk and has me like his slave. (24 years old, female, hetero)

I want a sexy guy to come up to me and make me surrender to him, and my boyfriend watched it. So that he finally knows how to do it right. (19 years old, female, hetero)

For some reason, I always get turned on when my partner shows strong emotions, so my fantasy is that me and my boyfriend are in the hospital, and someone from his family has died. He is really upset and crying, I try to make him feel better by kissing him and holding his hands. Then he begins to kiss me passionately, and we make our way into the room to do it, very slowly and sadly, but with great passion and love. I have never heard anyone talk about a fantasy like mine, so I feel strange and awkward, ashamed of it, but this is my fantasy. (19 years old, female)

This is called macrophilia. I only fantasize about having sex with incredibly tall men - 2.5 to 3 meters tall. And in real life, I only get to know those guys who are taller than me. (25 years old, female, hetero)

Have sex with a girl 9 months pregnant. It is desirable that they are twins. (19 years old, woman, lesbian)

I love the idea of role-playing with an older person who dominates me and uses me as his toy. I love the thought of him humiliating me or sharing me with his friends. (34 years old, male, hetero)

In my fantasy, the partner does not even touch me, but simply watches how I please myself with a vibrator. I tell him how to use it, need to move it or hold it in place when it needs to be turned on. I don't like sex, but I like having orgasms. (22 y.o. female asexual lesbian)

I've been in a monogamous relationship with a guy for over three years, but I'd like to know what the other girl tastes like.(28 years old, female, hetero)

I would like to cover the girl with a thick layer of glitter, and then slap her ass and tug on her nipples, watching the glitter fall off. At this time, with my free hand, I would caress myself with a vibrator. (18 years old, woman, bi)

Being with two men in a loving, long-term relationship. I don’t have sex, so I would love to watch them please each other, and whenever I’m in the mood, I could join. But mostly I would hug them when they finish. (22 y.o. female, asexual)

I want to be fucked in front of a crowd of people, for example, at some party. To be humiliated, insulted and told what a whore I am. (23 years old, female, bi)

I like to imagine someone or myself gaining weight quickly. I know being overweight is bad, but not in my fantasies. Fat can be nice and soft, I like the way it looks, but in real life it can have bad consequences. (21 years old, female, bi)

I want to have a group sex with the presenter and presenter of the weather forecast. First of all, the man begins to undress with the words: "A storm front is approaching!" This pun both amuses and excites me. (22 years old, girl, bi)

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