50 Sex Tips For Men

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50 Sex Tips For Men
50 Sex Tips For Men

Video: 50 Sex Tips For Men

Video: 50 Sex Tips For Men
Video: Sex Tips For Men | 50 Tips For Better Sex 2023, March

We found better advice that women gave men to be the best lovers. A step-by-step guide on how to make sex better and become a great lover yourself. This article will replace hundreds of articles on sex and intimate life for you. It's time to be a sex pro, not an inexperienced student. The best sex tips to take your intimate life to the next level.

1. Sex is not a race.

2. More kisses. During sex too.

3. Good compliments in bed make intimacy better.

4. Girls like twilight. Bodies look sexier and you can be relaxed.

5. It is not necessary to take off your clothes to have sex, it is enough to move them aside.

6. Whisper pleasant words in the girl's ear.

7. Look for new places for sex: bathroom, kitchen, hallway. This will add variety.

8. Hands should be warm and soft, not cold and rough.

9. Girls are clean. A clean body and a pleasant smell make a man more desirable.

10. Do not touch your girlfriend's genitals during foreplay.

11. Do not lean heavily on the girl, especially if you are much larger.

12. Turn off the sound of phones so as not to frighten off an orgasm.

13. Share your sexual fantasies.

14. Play sports together, and then sex.

15. The female breast is not the only erogenous zone. Find more erogenous points. 16. Do not overeat before sex and do not drink a lot of alcohol.

17. The overwhelming majority of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

18. Oral sex diversifies sexual life: blowjob, cunnilingus, pose 69.

19. Music makes intimacy more romantic and colorful.

20. Do not be distracted from sex, down with laughter and show your hot desire to the girl.

21. More often caress the girl's lower abdomen and her inner thighs.

22. Sex in the car will take you back to your youth.

23. Use your tongue not only for kissing, but also for caressing her body.

24. Dirty talk and dirty talk will make sex brighter. 25. Watch your partner and her reaction to your actions in sex.

26. Sex on the coast or in the pool is a must on the list.

27. Alternate tenderness and romance with pressure and rudeness.

28. Start sex with a massage.

29. Role-playing will make your sex life much more interesting.

30. Sex in a hotel is always wonderful and unusual.

31. Use toys and accessories from the sex shop.

32. Anal sex is an obligatory menu in the sex life of a couple.

33. Swap sex roles.

34. Climb onto the washing machine and turn on the spin mode.

35. Beautiful underwear or erotic lingerie will come in handy.

36. Use a lubricant for more enjoyable and slippery sex.

37. Play strip cards, wish cards, or other games.

38. Sex in a public place, when there is a risk of being caught, is amazing.

39. Find her G-spot.

40. Try a new sex position once a week or month.

41. Buy small pillows to help you do interesting poses.

42. Have hot sex after a hot fight.

43. Have a romantic dinner and equally good sex.

44. Rent a compartment on a train for two and have sex to the rhythmic noise of the wheels.

45. Try BDSM and domination. 46. Watch porn together.

47. Use food for foreplay before sex.

48. The beanbag chair is suitable for sex. Any object of the apartment is suitable for love games.

49. Sex in the woods, in a tent or bedspread will be unforgettable.

50. Have sex after a romantic movie when the girl is at her peak.

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