Women Innovators Meet At The Visiting Lounge Of The Eurasian Women's Forum

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Women Innovators Meet At The Visiting Lounge Of The Eurasian Women's Forum
Women Innovators Meet At The Visiting Lounge Of The Eurasian Women's Forum

Video: Women Innovators Meet At The Visiting Lounge Of The Eurasian Women's Forum

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Moscow, February 5. A visiting lounge of the Eurasian Women's Forum was held in Moscow on the theme "Women Leaders of Innovative Social Transformations" (12+). The event was organized by the EWF Council and the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation - the Innosocium Foundation.

"The theme of the first living room in 2021 was not chosen by chance. The President of Russia declared 2021 the Year of Science and Technology. Russia traditionally occupies the leading positions in the world in the representation of women in science. According to Rosstat, almost 40% of researchers in the country are women," she said Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Galina Karelova, opening the discussion.

The vice-speaker of the Federation Council noted that the Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum, which she heads, is systematically working to expand the participation of women in all spheres of society, including in high-tech industries. In this regard, projects such as "Women Innovators, Drivers of Positive Changes in Society", "Women in the Digital Economy. STEM Project", "Women Scientists and Global Challenges of Our Time" are being successfully implemented.

Galina Karelova also stressed that at the site of the third Eurasian Women's Forum, which will be held in the fall of 2021, new projects will be presented to involve women in high-tech industries. " Innovation today is not only an area of ​​high science. They pervade our entire life. The active participation of women in the social sphere, scientific and creative work is an extremely important resource for the whole country, for our future."

The discussion was continued by Alexandra Glazkova, Vice President for Human Resources of the biotechnological company BIOCAD, curator of the project of the Council of the EWF "Women Innovators". According to her, for the first time she thought about the women's leadership agenda thanks to the Eurasian Women's Forum, where she saw how women's cooperation allows project activities to be carried out at a higher level. “It is important for me to find and support women who are engaged in innovations and are pioneers in their business, - said Alexandra Glazkova. - We really have a world of opportunities, and Russia is a country of opportunities. The more we support each other, the more projects will emerge at the intersection of science, business and technology, which, in turn, will lead to positive transformations and an improvement in the social agenda. We, women innovators, think not only about our own well-being, but also about changes that will work for the benefit of humanity."

Examples of innovative projects that are already helping thousands of people are the LECHI-PLAY eye simulator, created by Olga Oshurkova, a serial inventor and founder of DivaOra Group, and a platform for medical image recognition from the Third Opinion company by Anna Meshcheryakova.

“We have a lot of talented women. Unfortunately, not everyone believes in their abilities, that they will be able to realize their product. But for this there are very specific ways, for example, prototyping centers, where everyone could come and make a prototype. There are many interesting projects. It is very important that thanks to participation in such forums as the EWF, we unite our efforts, we can discuss and find common solutions among ourselves. If successful projects are popularized, more women innovators will appear, "Olga expressed hope Oshurkova.

Anna Meshcheryakova drew the attention of the audience to how the pandemic affected the development of technology: "In April 2020, we suddenly turned from a startup of the future into a company of the present." Developed by the "Third Opinion" company, it helps the radiologist not to waste time looking at standard images. As you know, during a pandemic in Moscow alone, more than 1 million of them were made. The algorithm allows you to analyze a CT study with the accuracy of a doctor in two minutes.

According to Anna Meshcheryakova, empathy and attention to detail, which are developed in women, are very important when creating robotic systems. Therefore, healthcare in digital medicine is an area where women innovators can really grow. “There is a distrust that a woman cannot focus on work and achieve success. In fact, women have super motivation: she is distracted from her family and children in order to do something really important. Therefore, you have to really believe in women. And thank you for being there. such a platform as the Eurasian Women's Forum, "concluded Anna Meshcheryakova.

"Keeping a balance between innovations and traditions can be ensured by the active position of women," says Elena Skarzhinskaya, chairman of the Governing Council of the Cyber ​​School, co-founder of the Association for the Development of Cybersport.

“With the pandemic, we all found ourselves in the digital economy. A large number of projects that were considered as projects of the future turned out to be today. A large number of platform projects have emerged that provide solutions without the need to go somewhere. And, of course, many projects founded by women. are aimed at solving social problems, "said Director General of the Skolkovo Forum ANO, member of the Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum, curator of the Women in the Digital Economy project Ekaterina Inozemtseva.

In her opinion, a small share of women among innovators lies in the difficulty of overcoming stereotypes: “We are faced with this from childhood and further in the learning process:“Mathematics is not for girls.”I am sure that in the near future in domestic universities, as well as abroad, social movements will emerge that will help our girls believe in themselves and stay in the specialty to which they are disposed."

A significant role in the development of women innovators is played by the For Women in Science program, launched by L'Oreal and UNESCO in 1997, as told by the Secretary General of L'Oreal Russia, Georges Shishmanov. Within the framework of the program, five outstanding women from all over the world receive an award every year. Five of the program's winners have since been awarded the Nobel Prize, including two with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry last year.

"In Russia, the For Women in Science program has been operating since 2007. Scholarships are awarded to young women under the age of 35 who work in scientific institutions and universities. During this time, 135 young women in Russia have received scholarships to develop their scientific careers." noted Georges Shishmanov.

One of these women is Anna Kudryavtseva, Candidate of Sciences in Biology, Deputy Director for Research, Institute of Molecular Biology. V.A. Engelhardt of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the Prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of science and innovation for young scientists, scholar of the international program L'Oreal - UNESCO "For Women in Science".

"Girls in science often lack the competencies to promote their knowledge and products. And it is all the more difficult for a scientist to present the results of his work to the general public. Therefore, it is very correct to think that it is important not so much to give a scholarship, that is, money for research or personal support of a scientist. how much to provide tools for further development - for example, a set of management competencies, knowledge about patents. In fact, this is exactly what is needed to enhance inclusiveness in the innovation sphere, "Anna Kudryavtseva emphasized during her speech.

You can watch the recording of the broadcast of the discussion "Women - Leaders of Innovative Social Transformations" on the Innosocium Foundation's Facebook page.

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