Why Boyko, Who Plays Heroes, Is Considered A Scoundrel In Life

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Why Boyko, Who Plays Heroes, Is Considered A Scoundrel In Life
Why Boyko, Who Plays Heroes, Is Considered A Scoundrel In Life

Outwardly courageous Yaroslav gives the impression of a "reliable shoulder" for women. As life has shown, off the screen, a man behaves differently.

The actor was named after Yaroslav the Wise. As a child, he, like many boys, was fond of the exact sciences. As a teenager, the guy dreamed of becoming a military man.

He received his acting education quite by accident. The guy, after serving in the army, decided to support his girlfriend and, together with her, submitted documents to the Kiev Institute of Theatrical Art. The girl did not enter, but he was successfully enrolled.

Boyko's training was not easy, since it was conducted in the Ukrainian language. Because of this, he did not give up his future profession and in the early 90s entered the Moscow Art Theater. After graduation, the guy was taken to the Tabakov Theater, and later he repeatedly appeared on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. A. P. Chekhov.

The tall, handsome brunette made a masculine impression. He was always chosen for the role of heroes. Many women, looking at Yaroslav in the theater, and later on the TV screen, dreamed of the same reliable shoulder next to them.

Boyko had no end to the female sex. He chose Ramune Khodorkaite, a bright and enthusiastic dancer, as his wife. They have been officially married since 1999.

During this time, two children were born in the family: son Maxim and daughter Emily. It would seem that such a man should become a role model for the rest, but there is one moment in Yaroslav's biography that made the audience skeptical about the artist.

Boyko turned out to be a lover of women. The proof of this was an affair with actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. The relationship between them began right on the set in 2001. The novel did not flow into anything serious, despite the actress's pregnancy.

For some time, Eugene hid who is the father of her child, but later confessed everything. The lady told reporters that the man refused to recognize the illegitimate son. Despite such novels on the side, Boyko did not want to divorce his wife.

Viewers who until that moment considered him a real man began to discuss the actor on the network. They wrote that they were disappointed in him. In ordinary life, Yaroslav turned out to be not the most decent.

Last year, Boyko's name surfaced in connection with the pregnancy of another actress - Maria Poroshina. They were involved in one performance and spent a lot of time together.

Around the same period, Maria separated from her husband and talked about her pregnancy. The ex-husband immediately disowned and said that he was not the father. The name of the daddy of her only son, Poroshina, did not disclose.

When rumors about a secret affair with Boyko appeared on the network, the star said that this was not true. Fans, knowing the actor's reputation, continue to doubt her words. They are interested to see if the actress's son will look like Yaroslav in the future.

However, not everyone is so skeptical. Many people write that this is life, and similar stories happen in every third couple. And not only men do not always behave decently towards a partner.

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