Married Out Of Habit: Which Of The Celebrities Often Go To The Registry Office

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Married Out Of Habit: Which Of The Celebrities Often Go To The Registry Office
Married Out Of Habit: Which Of The Celebrities Often Go To The Registry Office

Video: Married Out Of Habit: Which Of The Celebrities Often Go To The Registry Office

Video: Married Out Of Habit: Which Of The Celebrities Often Go To The Registry Office
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The theater and film actor Vladimir Novikov still remains, perhaps, the record holder among Russian stars in terms of the number of stamps in the passport. He has 16 of them! In fact, the artist known for the films "Cook", "Piranha Hunt" and the TV series "The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik" had only two beloved women.


With his first wife, artist and jeweler Ekaterina, Vladimir met while studying at VGIK, in the 1970s. He later recalled:

- From my first wedding, instead of a honeymoon, I went on tour - flew away from my wife by helicopter from the Zhukovsky military airfield. She wanted me to be at home, it weighed down on her that I was at work all the time. There were many projects at that time, two flights a day. For two years we lived with her, relations remained good, but love faded away. Vladimir met his second wife, Elena, in a cafe. She worked near the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where the actor played, and she herself went to meet him. At that time, the woman was divorced from a KGB officer, and her adopted son Andrei remained from the marriage. A year later, Vladimir and Elena signed.

The couple lived together for 26 years, but everything went far from smoothly in the relationship. They got divorced over and over again, and then arranged new weddings.

- There is self-consolation, but there is statistics, - Vladimir said in an interview. - Fifteen times we went to the registry office to become husband and wife. So fourteen got divorced. And now they got married! By the way, everyone in the local registry office already fell in love with Elena Ivanovna and me - after all, every time we were affixed so that they would issue us one day there or back.

The longest separation from her lasted about two years. But in 2009, the beloved of Vladimir Novikov died of a stroke. The actor suffered this loss very hard.

I was looking for a tamer

56-year-old Mikhail Efremov always seemed to be the person around him, dashing in relationships.

Behind the actor and theater director four marriages. For the first time, he married while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School on the future actress Elena Golyanova. The divorce happened almost immediately - a month later.

After some time, his friend Anton Tabakov turned to Efremov for help. He asked to hire his wife Asiya Vorobyova to work in the Sovremennik-2 theater studio. Mikhail liked the girl so much that he took her away from the family.

In 1988, their son Nikita was born, but the couple never legalized the relationship. When the child was a year old, Mikhail left Asia for actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. In 1991, they had a son, Nikolai, and in total, the relationship lasted five years.

On the set of “The Romanovs. Crowned family "Efremov met with actress Ksenia Kachalina. In 2000, the couple had a daughter, Anna Maria, but Mikhail's addiction to alcohol destroyed this relationship five years later. The last wife of the actor was the sound engineer Sophia Kruglikova. Thanks to her character, she tamed the actor and lived with him for over 15 years! She gave birth to her husband three children: Vera, Nadezhda and Boris.

Four stamps

The famous actor and TV and radio TV presenter Alexander Gordon has four marriages.

In the 1980s, Alexander Gordon emigrated with his first wife, journalist Maria Verdnikova, to the United States, but in 1997 he returned to Russia alone. After an official marriage, he lived for seven years in a civilian relationship with actress Nana Kiknadze. And in 2000 he married the lawyer Ekaterina, with whom he was together for six years.

In 2011, Alexander legalized relations with an 18-year-old student of the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting "Ostankino" Nina. But in 2014 he married again with actress Nozanin Abdulvasieva.

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