What Will Turn Out For Wedding Stars In A Leap Year

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What Will Turn Out For Wedding Stars In A Leap Year
What Will Turn Out For Wedding Stars In A Leap Year

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Since the time of the ancient Slavs, a number of associations have been fixed for a leap year - "unsuccessful" and "full of cataclysms". According to popular belief, in a leap year, something cannot be radically changed. This also applies to marital status. Otherwise, the young were promised problems in family life. But is it worth believing?


According to the hereditary shaman Elena Batyr, in general it is possible to marry in an unusual year, but it all depends on the month of registration of the young.

“In principle, you can marry in a leap year. In this matter, individual compatibility is important. But, if you do not look at them, and make a forecast like a horoscope, then the best months for marriage this year were - March, April, July and December. There are also unfavorable months - February, June, August, September and October,”says Batyr.

With extra effort, the difficulties of a wedding in February and October can somehow be overcome. Marriages leading to separation are made in June, August and September. Especially in September.

Accordingly, marriages entered into in unfavorable months, despite individual compatibility, are doomed to difficulties and difficulties. Which of the stars may have a hard time?

Anna Sedokova, September

Singer Anna Sedokova in September married her boyfriend Janis Timma. For the ex-soloist of "VIA Gra" marriage with an athlete was the third in a row. In addition, the celebrity is raising three children from a previous relationship. But the Latvian athlete was not embarrassed by these nuances.

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The most interesting thing is that Sedokova and Timma, according to information on the Web, began to meet when the athlete was married to a girl named Sana. She angrily took the news of her husband's betrayal.

As the saying goes: "You can't build happiness on someone else's misfortune." Marriage in September, according to the shaman's forecast, promises a separation for the couple.

Natalia Vodianova, September

Model Natalia Vodianova has been in a relationship with French businessman Antoine Arnault for nine years. During this time, the partners had two children. In this difficult year, they decided to officially legalize their relationship.

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The wedding took place in Paris, and was led by the mayor of the city. Vodianova chose a rather modest outfit, but a happy smile shone on her face. However, the happiness of the spouses may be destroyed in the future due to the marriage in September.

Son of Valeria, August

The son of the singer Valeria Arseny Shulgin made a fateful decision on August 28 and got married. His chosen one was a young girl named Liana. The young people played a magnificent wedding outside the city. The event brought together the main stars of Russian show business - music producer Yana Rudkovskaya, performers Emin Agalarov and Nikolai Baskov.

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By the way, Liana is now in a late pregnancy. And soon the newlyweds will become parents. However, a wedding in August of a leap year could result in the couple breaking up in the future.

"Everything will be fine"

Liza Arzamasova

The wedding of actress Lisa Arzamasova and figure skater Ilya Averbukh took place five days ago. The lovers carefully concealed their romance and did not officially confirm it until the last. Nevertheless, even a big difference in age - 22 years, did not become an obstacle for the marriage of partners. Colleagues congratulated the stars on their wedding, but some netizens do not believe in their happiness. By the way, the marriage was concluded in December 2020, which means that their future depends only on themselves.

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To believe or not to believe in forecasts is the choice of every person. But, the main thing in any relationship is to show patience, care for a partner and, of course, love. With such a set, all mountains are shoulder-length.

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