8 Women Who Were Not Considered Beauties, But Were Able To Conquer The World

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8 Women Who Were Not Considered Beauties, But Were Able To Conquer The World
8 Women Who Were Not Considered Beauties, But Were Able To Conquer The World

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Everyone is used to the fact that beauty is inextricably linked with success. However, people forget that history is full of examples of fatal muses and women who broke the hearts of the most powerful men who did not fit into strict beauty standards. There was something more in them, something completely special: the ability to present oneself, charisma, intelligence.


The whole world used to be at their feet, even now women are trying to imitate, and men dream of meeting a similar one. What is the secret of the exceptional popularity of not the most attractive women who, despite their prejudices, have left their mark?

Lilya Brick

Lilya was accused of too frivolous attitude to love affairs, to which she laughed it off: "I have always loved one: one Osya, one Volodya, one Vitaly and one Vasya." She loved attention and was always the soul of any company. It was difficult to call her a beauty, but her charm and inquisitive mind amazed anyone who was lucky to communicate with her.

Many said that there is some kind of special magic in Leela. She accepted all her shortcomings, did not hesitate to live in a Swedish family, stooped and smoked. But at the same time, something special in her look and smile attracted men at first sight. She has learned to compensate for her dull appearance with provocative makeup and a special style. One of Brick's relatives said that “her taste was excellent, and her mystical charm lay mainly in the fact that she was a great conversationalist. Talking with a man, she seemed to be immersed in him, living only in his interests, and which of the men is not flattered?"

Frida Kahlo

Men were attracted by Frida's unusual beauty. In general, it was far from ideal. And one of the artist's legs was thinner than the other due to the effects of polio, which the girl hid with lush long skirts. She was not so much beautiful as spectacular: thick eyebrows, unusual hairstyles, flowers as adornments, Mexican folk clothes. In those days, she was considered a real rebel.

Frida's official husband was the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera, who fit the girl's father - he was 20 years older. It was he who helped her find her artistic path and earn a name. The couple constantly experienced crises and broke up every now and then. All due to the fact that both Diego and Frida had affairs on the side. The artist even met with Leon Trotsky, but still returned to her husband, on whom she largely depended.

Marlene Dietrich

If you saw pictures of Marlene before fame, you would hardly recognize her. Full hips, regular cheekbones and an upturned nose - such a girl would not even be allowed on the Hollywood stage. In order not to differ from the ideals of beauty of those years, Dietrich agreed to major changes for the role in the cult film "Blue Angel".

The director insisted that the girl adhere to a strict, almost brutal diet, make thin arched eyebrows, change her hair color and remove several molars to create the sunken cheekbones that have become a hallmark of the actress.

Marlene Dietrich treated men as entertainment. She collected letters from lovers, broke the hearts of great men, and they were only glad of such an honor. Her admirers included Erich Maria Remarque, Joe Kennedy and Ernest Hemingway.

Liza Minnelli

The girl seemed the opposite of the word "aristocracy": massive features, a round face. But she could boast of insanely expressive black eyes, which created a slightly sad but attractive image. Lisa's parents were prominent people in Hollywood, but she did not need their help. Having started her career as a fashion model and singer, Minnelli was ready for more.

World fame was brought to her by her participation in the film "Cabaret": a hat, a bow tie, fishnet stockings and a special charming look - millions began to love this Lisa, and the image was recognized as truly iconic. Her endless romances were discussed all over America, and wives (like, for example, the wife of Martin Scorsese) called Lisa the main reason for divorce. However, the actress herself did not meet stable family happiness either, and all 4 marriages for her ended in partings.

Mata Hari

Like many others, Margareta Gertrude Zelle has visualized a luxurious life since childhood. The girl was always afraid of boredom and did her best to avoid it with the help of men. She married early and ventured to follow her husband-officer Rudolph MacLid to Indonesia. They later realized that they had made a mistake and broke up.

The girl found herself without a livelihood upon her return to Paris, but quickly found a way out. She appeared in theaters in France as a performer of oriental dance, which at that time was something so frank and new that it can only be equated with modern striptease. The girl was waiting for popularity and worthy fans who were ready for anything for the sake of the dancing beauty.

With the beginning of the war, she was offered to become a German spy, but Mata Hari continued to hunt for profit and began to work on both sides of the front: she reported to the French about the Germans, and to the Germans about the French. In the end, the dancer's plan was revealed and she was arrested. During the trial, people begged for mercy, her lawyer, who at the same time was the girl's lover, knelt in front of the judge, expecting favor. But the decision was made and was not subject to appeal. In July 1917, the spy dancer was executed.


Elena Ivanovna Dyakonova was born in Kazan and grew up as an unremarkable girl, but with great ambitions. At the age of 18, thin and weak Lena falls ill with tuberculosis and leaves for Switzerland for treatment. There she begins a new life under the unusual pseudonym Gala. There, in the clinic, she meets the young and bohemian French poet Paul Eluard, whom she later marries. They move to Paris and have a child.

But family life was not for Gala. It is customary to remember her as a holiday man, a spontaneous woman and a wayward adventurer. It was unpleasant for her to bind herself with household chores, therefore, as soon as Paul Eluard decides to introduce his wife to Salvador Dali, she certainly shifts the focus from her legal husband to an eccentric artist. Gala left her daughter and decided to devote herself to a new partner, for whom she remained a faithful muse and like-minded person until the end of her days.

Edith Piaf

The angelic voice, which almost brought the audience into a trance, belonged to a modest and nondescript woman. Which in life was nicknamed "sparrow" and "lizard" because of the miniature forms. However, Piaf got married quite early - at 17, and pretty soon gave birth to a daughter, who almost immediately died of meningitis. After that, the singer no longer had children, and she broke up with her first husband, the owner of a small shop.

After a while, Edith met the love of her life. She turned out to be a French boxer Marcel Cerdan, who indulged the singer, did everything for her and rushed at the first call for a thousand kilometers. Even legal marriage with another woman and three children did not stop him. The tragedy happened after a year of the relationship between Piaf and Serdan - he flew from Paris to New York for the sake of his beloved, but got into a plane crash.

Edith Piaf had many novels, which she treated as a game. She was always in search of new sensations and adventures. This thirst was so strong that shortly before her death, Piaf even married the Greek hairdresser Theo Sarapo, who was only 26 years old. For his sake, Piaf renounced the Catholic Church, but died a year later, leaving 7 million debts to her young husband.

Matilda Kshesinskaya

For a ballerina, Matilda was too short - a little over 150 centimeters, and was distinguished by curvaceous forms. However, none of this prevented her from becoming one of the most outstanding figures in the world of ballet, and she also managed to gain fame as the main fatal seductress of Russia. All her life, Matilda Kshesinskaya was either dancing or indulging in secular pleasures. When she was barely 18, she met the future Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Their relationship lasted 4 years and, it would seem, ended as soon as the official marriage of Nikolai and Alexandra was announced.

But Matilda and the emperor were still in touch. Nikolai took patronage over the ballerina and helped her become a key figure in Russian theater. A little later, the girl will meet the tsar's cousin, Prince Andrei Vladimirovich, and in 1921, already in exile, she will agree to become his wife and mother of their common child, Vladimir.

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