Congratulations To Loved Ones From Books

Congratulations To Loved Ones From Books
Congratulations To Loved Ones From Books

Video: Congratulations To Loved Ones From Books

Video: Congratulations To Loved Ones From Books
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Valentine's Day, February 14, seems to be a regular holiday. But sometimes it is important on this day to choose the right words - such that the person to whom they will be addressed will immediately understand everything. Calm down, the best congratulations for February 14 have already been invented - they were written by great prose writers and poets. And we have collected them especially for you!


Do you know who you will congratulate on February 14th? What a question, of course you know! Most likely, you do not just remember this person - he literally does not go out of your head. Let the congratulations be the same as your feelings: sincere, not vulgar, not banal. The ReadRate book service went through a variety of works - prosaic and poetic - and pulled out several very beautiful, gentle and accurate quotes from them.

Use them to send in a messenger on February 14th or write on a postcard to someone you really love.

"Love is when the center of the universe suddenly shifts and moves into someone else."

Iris Murdock

"To die of love is to live by it."

Victor Hugo

I told the flowers this morning

what I would like to do for you

and they blossomed.

Rupee Kaur

"When you love someone, you love him, and if you can't give him anything else, you still give him love."

George Orwell

"A loving heart is worth more than all the wisdom in the world."

Charles Dickens

“When you love, you want to do something in the name of love. I want to sacrifice myself. I want to serve."

Ernest Hemingway

"What is thirty million worth if you can't buy a walk in the mountains with your girlfriend?"

Jack London

“Love is when you want to experience all four seasons with someone. When you want to run with someone from a spring thunderstorm under a lilac strewn with flowers, and in the summer to pick berries with someone and swim in the river. In the fall, cook jam together and seal the windows from the cold. In winter - to help get through a runny nose and long evenings, and when it gets cold - to heat the stove together."

Ray Bradbury

“When you love, you discover such wealth in yourself! I can't even believe that you know how to love like that."

Anton Chekhov

“It's easier to live without love. … But there is no point without it."

Lev Tolstoy

"It is impossible to be in love and wise at the same time."

Bob Dylan

“Woman is sacred; the woman you love is doubly sacred."

Alexandr Duma

"Love is the only thing that sharpens the mind, awakens creative imagination, that purifies us and liberates us."

Paulo Coelho

"I am not writing to ask you to come, I am writing to warn you: I will always wait."

Frederic Beigbeder

We hope you have found a suitable greeting for February 14th. If not, check out the Best Quotes About Love article.