Glamor Award "Women Of The Year - 2020": Spitz Flashed Her Abs, And Utyasheva - A Wasp Waist

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Glamor Award "Women Of The Year - 2020": Spitz Flashed Her Abs, And Utyasheva - A Wasp Waist
Glamor Award "Women Of The Year - 2020": Spitz Flashed Her Abs, And Utyasheva - A Wasp Waist

Video: Glamor Award "Women Of The Year - 2020": Spitz Flashed Her Abs, And Utyasheva - A Wasp Waist

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Video: We're So Excited for Glamour's 2013 Women of the Year Awards! 2023, January

Katerina Shpitsa Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Laysan Utyasheva Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Zivert Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Agata Muceniece Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Svetlana Bondarchuk Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Varvara Shmykova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Varvara Shmykova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Irina Nosova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Yulia Akhmedova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Ilyana Erdneeva Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Maria Shumakova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Anna Churina Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Anastasia Zadorina Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Ingrid Olerinskaya Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Elena Krygina Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Angelina Strechina Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Ksenia Shipilova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Oksana Pushkina Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Olesya Shipovskaya Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Ekaterina Kruglik Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Anastasia Vasilyeva Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Ekaterina Shulman Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Katerina Brudnaya-Chelyadinova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

Anastasia Tatulova Ekaterina Shirinkina /

On November 18, Glamor magazine announced the names of the women of the year 2020 award.

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, it was decided to abandon the large-scale awards ceremony. The triumphant women came to the metropolitan "Metropol" one by one to receive the well-deserved statuettes from the hands of Glamor editor-in-chief Ilyana Erdneeva. Katerina Shpitsa posed for photographers in an attractive total red look, consisting of a trouser suit, a shiny bra and pumps. The actress unbuttoned her jacket and flashed a steel press. Pay attention to her hairstyle - the stylists gave her a perfectly smooth bun and added false bangs.

Awarded for her cheerful hits, Zivert, without betraying herself, boasted a complex look. The singer wore a shirt with a Dalmatian print, a tie and men's trousers, the ends of which were tucked into patent leather shoes with a square toe. The image was complemented by a drop hat, leather gloves to the elbow and a bag on a chain. Laysan Utyasheva looked no less stylish - she relied on oversize, wearing a loose jacket and gray-green trousers. The outfit was completed with a leather belt, with which the gymnast emphasized the wasp waist.

Zivert Laysan Utyasheva

Varvara Shmykova and Irina Nosova became one of the few who preferred skirts to trousers. Varvara flashed in an elegant midi with short sleeves and a square neckline, and Irina in a short tea dress with a floral print. Both actresses were honored as adherents of the new sincerity, and thanked for the surprisingly lively and believable roles in the TV series "Chiki".

Varvara Shmykova Irina Nosova

Find the full list of Glamor Women of the Year 2020 triumphs here.

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Photo: Ekaterina Shirinkina /

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