How Does Sexual Asceticism Affect Men With Different Testosterone Levels?

How Does Sexual Asceticism Affect Men With Different Testosterone Levels?
How Does Sexual Asceticism Affect Men With Different Testosterone Levels?

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We are often frightened of the harm of sexual abstinence. Especially, if you believe the supporters of this point of view, it is harmful to abstain from sex for men. This is allegedly fraught with health problems, impotence and even neuropsychiatric disorders. But is this the case?


Is it good or bad?

Physicians have found that different men tolerate sexual abstinence in different ways. So, representatives of the stronger sex with high testosterone levels need to be sexually active. If, for some reason, they are deprived of this, then unfavorable physiological and mental manifestations may indeed take place. It can be prostatitis, hormonal disruptions, erectile dysfunction, impairment of reproductive functions. In addition, the lack of sexual activity leads to constant obsessive thoughts about sex, mental discomfort. The rest, who have a weaker sexual constitution, are able to do without intimate relationships for a long time without any special consequences. On average, men can easily tolerate abstinence for 1-2 months. The Austrian-German researcher Richard von Kraft-Ebing generally called all "abstinence diseases" fiction. On the contrary, some experts believe that if a man leads an overly active sex life, then his body consumes a large amount of vitamin E, iron, proteins, phosphorus, cholesterol, lecithin, and so on. Many of them have a high physiological value, they are necessary for the nutrition of the brain tissue and the nervous system. [C-BLOCK] In just one ejaculation, a representative of the stronger sex loses about 226 million spermatozoa. And replenishing the supply of substances is not so easy. As a result, it reduces resistance, deprives the body of its natural defenses. Incidentally, the same lecithin found in semen is used by physicians to treat neurological and sexual disorders. According to Dr. F. McCann, it contributes to the preservation of youth and efficiency. Professor at the University of Munich, Max von Gruber, believes that semen is not at all subject to regular excretion from the body, like urine. On the contrary, it is subject to reabsorption, which has a positive effect on the physiological health of a man. And the American endocrinologist Ef. Jay Leedson states: “Abstinence can never be harmful. Moreover, the retention of semen in the testicles often has a positive effect on physical and mental performance. " Who benefits from abstaining from sex?

Men with cardiovascular diseases and serious organic diseases

Frequent sexual intercourse can lead to high blood pressure and disruption of internal organs. Havelock Ellis, in Research in the Psychology of Sex, writes: “There are numerous accidents after intercourse that are the result of vascular and muscle spasms involved in the detumescence process. Fainting, vomiting, the urge to urinate often occurs in young people after the first intercourse in their life. Epilepsy was rare. Sometimes there were lesions of various organs, even rupture of the spleen. In mature men, cerebral bleeding has occurred after intercourse as a result of an inability to resist high blood pressure. In older men, sexual intercourse often caused death, there are many examples of old men dying after intercourse with their young wives or prostitutes."

Suffering from some forms of neuroses

The fact is that orgasms exhaust the nervous system, from which neurasthenia can develop. Acton, a well-known expert in the field of medicine, points out that in some people, orgasm is accompanied by processes that resemble a mild form of epilepsy, and the nervous system after intercourse becomes exhausted for a while.

For those who want to become a father

For men planning to conceive a child, some doctors also recommend refraining from intimacy for at least 7 days. They suggest that the concentration and volume of semen increases during this time.

For those who are engaged in spiritual practices

The ancient Taoists say that along with the sex seed, a man loses vitality and energy. This leads to premature wear and tear of the body and reduces resistance to disease. The refusal of sexual intercourse is practiced in many spiritual teachings. It is believed that without this, a person will not be able to come into contact with divine forces and achieve inner harmony. For those who want to succeed in any creative or intellectual field Since the time of Freud, we have known the term "sublimation". This means that a man does not spend his sexual energy in the traditional way, but directs it in a different direction. This is facilitated, for example, by the preservation of lecithin in the body, which, as we already know, promotes brain activity. So, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Spinoza, Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Cervantes, Immanuel Kant, Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton and Friedrich Nietzsche did not have sexual intercourse for a long time, and nevertheless did not suffer from any consequences of abstinence. But they became the authors of works and works that glorified them all over the world.

For those who go in for sports

In ancient Greece, athletes were forbidden to have sexual intercourse before competitions, so they retained their strength and endurance. By the way, even today, those who go in for sports are not recommended to have sex before performances. Of course, no one says that one should give up sex at all for the sake of maintaining health, physical strength or creativity. However, you should not abuse sexual contacts, like all other things in life: everything is good in moderation.

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