Marlon Brando And Greta Garbo: 5 Bisexual Celebrities From The Past

Marlon Brando And Greta Garbo: 5 Bisexual Celebrities From The Past
Marlon Brando And Greta Garbo: 5 Bisexual Celebrities From The Past

Video: Marlon Brando And Greta Garbo: 5 Bisexual Celebrities From The Past

Video: Marlon Brando And Greta Garbo: 5 Bisexual Celebrities From The Past
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In the "golden age of Hollywood," actors and actresses were by no means puritanical. Many of them indulged in sexual adventures with partners of both sexes.


Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is called one of the greatest actors in history, a significant figure in the world of cinema. And it is not at all surprising that Brando had many hobbies, serious and not so.

One of his biographers, Stefan Kanfer, once said:

"There was cinema before Brando and after Brando, as well as painting before Picasso and after Picasso, literature before Hemingway and after Hemingway, and pop music before Sinatra and after Sinatra."

In his autobiographical book Songs That My Mother Sang to Me, Brando recalled how he met Marilyn Monroe at a party, they had a short romance, but then communication was interrupted. Brando was married four times, officially he had 11 children, the unofficial figure reached 17.

Since 1976, many of Brando's biographers have argued that he is bisexual. Brando himself admitted this in an interview with a French journalist:

“Homosexuality is so fashionable that it’s not new to anyone. Like a huge number of other men, I also had a homosexual experience, and I am not ashamed of it. I never cared what people said."

His most talked about romance is rumored to have happened with James Dean. According to other sources (the book Brando Unzipped), Brando was in a relationship with Cary Grant, Montgomery Clift and Sir John Gilgad. And according to some rumors, even with Bob Dylan.

Brando never hid the fact that he kept an urn with the ashes of his closest friend - actor Wally Cox, with whom he was close friends from the age of ten, at home, bequeathed to scatter his ashes along with his own. When Cox's widow found out about this from an interview, she tried to sue for the seizure of her husband's ashes, but the judge did not find a subject for proceedings here.

Greta Garbo

Starting as a silent movie star, Garbo kept the whole world waiting with bated breath for the “Swedish Sphinx” to speak. Her voice charmed the viewers: low, slightly husky, with a noticeable Swedish accent, it won the hearts of many.

The personal life of the actress was not as smooth as her career. Garbo never married, had no children, and lived alone until her death. Despite the fact that it is reliably known about several of Garbo's novels with men, she did not hide her sympathy for women.

One of the most intriguing questions in Hollywood is whether Garbo had an affair with Marlene Dietrich, or was it just speculation.

According to rumors, Garbo had an affair with silent film star Louise Brooks (she herself confirmed this), actress Lillian Teshman, Billie Holiday and Tallulah Bankhead.

In 1931, Garbo met an openly lesbian actress, Mercedes de Acosta. According to their biographers, the actresses had a passionate casual romance, but the two women remained lifelong friends - they had been friends for 30 years. Garbo wrote almost two hundred letters, postcards and telegrams to Acosta, some of which are now kept in the museum. The Garbo family allowed only 87 of them to be made public.

Mimi Pollack, a Swedish actress, released 60 letters written to her by Greta Garbo in 2005. After learning in 1930 that her friend was pregnant, she wrote:

“We cannot change our nature - that is how God created us. But I always thought that you and I were made for each other."

In 1975, Garbo wrote a poem in which she described her torment from the fact that she could not touch the hand of a friend with whom she had to go through life. Who was that?

Joan Crawford

American silent film actress Joan Crawford, although rarely appearing in highly artistic films, has had one of the most successful and longest-running careers in Hollywood: 50 years on stage, 80 films with her participation. She was married four times and adopted five children.

But rumors of Crawford's insatiability were already circulating then. That there is only a scandalous pornographic film, for the negatives of which the studio had to pay $ 100 thousand so that the directors did not distribute it.

Among her possible mistresses are Alice Delamar, Barbara Stanwick, Martha Rae, Dorothy Arzner and some others. There were even rumors of a passionate affair with Marilyn Monroe, but there is no evidence of this affair.

Marlene Dietrich

Unlike the stage image, Dietrich's personal life was carefully hidden from prying eyes. Dietrich was openly bisexual and even flirted with transvestism and gender stereotypes of the time.

For example, she trained to box with one of the famous Turkish trainers Sabri Mahir in Berlin. The boxing school opened its doors to women in the late 1920s. Austrian writer Hedwig Baum recalls:

“I don’t know how the element of femininity managed to sneak into this abode of masculinity. Only three or four of us were tough enough to get through this workout, and Marlene was one of them."

Dietrich was officially married only once. She was credited with many novels: short and long. One of them was an affair with the Mexican actress Lupe Velez. Probably, the women parted not too well, because Velez claimed that "if she had the opportunity, she would have scratched out Marlene Dietrich's eyes."

Among her likely mistresses were named Anne Warner (the wife of Jack Warner, one of the owners of the Warner studio), Lily Damita, Claudette Colbert and Dolores del Rio, whom Dietrich herself considered the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

James Dean

The actor, who has earned fame, starring in the films "East of Paradise", "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Giant", died tragically and terribly. Dean's death has spawned many myths about his life.

James Dean has never hidden his homosexuality. He managed to escape the army by claiming that he was homosexual. However, much spoke rather in favor of his bisexuality. For example, when asked about his sexual orientation, Dean said his famous phrase:

“No, I'm not homosexual. But I'm also not going to walk through life with one hand tied behind my back."

For the last five years of his life, Dean was friends with William Bast, his roommate at the University of California, his first biographer. In his book, Bast alluded to both Dean's homosexual orientation and the fact that there was a close relationship between friends, although it was more of an "experimental" nature.

Several people, including Bast, claim he had an affair with producer Rogers Braskett, who helped Dean's career. Braskett himself said:

“I loved him and Jimmy loved me. If we had a father-son relationship, it would be incest."

Another friend of Dean's, screenwriter John Gilmore, who was into racing with Dean, admitted that he had a one-off homosexual relationship with Dean, but that it was also "experimental."

However, there were also those who claimed that Dean was talking about his homosexuality solely for the sake of PR.

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