It Was And Is Past: The First Love Of Famous Women

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It Was And Is Past: The First Love Of Famous Women
It Was And Is Past: The First Love Of Famous Women



The birthplace of the singer is Barbados, and it was there that she met her first love. The first boyfriend of the fatal beauty was a young man named Negus Sealy, whom she was introduced to by a common friend at one of the parties. Young people quickly found a common language and became a couple, but Rihanna was determined to conquer the world stage and went to America. It is almost impossible to maintain a romantic relationship at such a distance, so the young people broke up. But Rihanna herself admits that she remembers her first boyfriend with warmth, and Seeley speaks of the girl with admiration and friendly sympathy. The young man more than once gave interviews to the press, in which he talked about his first acquaintance with the famous singer. According to him, even then he realized that Rihanna was aiming at the big stage, and he did not want to restrain her talent.

Margot Robbie

The first boyfriend of Margot Robbie was her neighbor Matt Thompson, whom she has known since childhood. Their romance began in high school, but they have known each other from an early age. Matt lived next door to Robbie in the Gold Coast, Australia, and the children spent a lot of time together. When the young people graduated from school, their romantic attachment faded away, and they decided to leave. However, the breakup took place in a friendly atmosphere, and they still have warm feelings for each other. Matt Thompson said that their romance was nothing special. The lovers went to the cinema in the evenings, went out after school and spent all their free time with each other. They knew each other quite well, since they grew up together, but, according to Thompson, at that time, Robbie was an ordinary girl, and he could not even imagine that she would achieve such success in films.


The dark-skinned beauty is known for not having frivolous romances. Her first relationship lasted almost 10 years, and she began dating at 12. Beyoncé's cousin introduced her to a boyfriend who was only two years older. Lindall Locke became the first love of the famous singer, and the couple spent quite a lot of time together. Teenage crush did not result in something more, as Beyoncé's career took off. She went on a world tour with Destiny's Child, so the lovers were separated by a huge distance. This played a fatal role, because during the tour, the singer did not even have time to communicate with the guy, and their relationship ended.

Jennifer Lawrence

Recently, the actress told one of their magazines that she kissed a school friend for the first time in a dark forest. Together they searched for her escaped turtle, but instead of an animal they found something more interesting. This romance was frivolous, and Lawrence herself does not call this moment first love. She started her first serious relationship with actor Nicholas Hoult, whom she met on the set of X-Men. Young people found each other interesting, and the novel developed quite rapidly. After a few years, they began to live together and even talked about the wedding. But after five years of relationship, the couple scattered, and Lawrence went to conquer Hollywood further. As evil tongues say, the reason for everything was the actress's desire to climb to the very top, and she decided to build her career instead of her personal life.

Angelina Jolie

The fatal seductress in childhood was a difficult teenager, she more than once shocked her family with an addiction to cold weapons and bad habits. The salvation was the acquaintance with the actor Johnny Lee Miller on the set of the film "Hackers", after which a stormy and passionate romance began. The young people in love did not pull up and immediately went to Las Vegas, where they got married.Jolie at the beginning of her career was a rather odious person, so she got married in leather trousers and a white T-shirt, on which the name of her future husband was written in blood. This marriage did not last long, and the couple soon broke up, but the actress herself recalls her first experience of marriage with warmth and sadness.

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