The Bride Threw The Famous Russian Actor Who Fell Into A Coma

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The Bride Threw The Famous Russian Actor Who Fell Into A Coma
The Bride Threw The Famous Russian Actor Who Fell Into A Coma

Video: The Bride Threw The Famous Russian Actor Who Fell Into A Coma

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The once beloved woman of the artist Mark Goronok, Veronika Golubeva, came to the studio of the TV show "Actually" with Dmitry Shepelev to tell the whole country the truth. She secretly gave birth to a daughter from him.


The woman assures that 12 years ago they were in love and planned a joint future, but the fatal event did not allow their dreams to come true: in a street fight, Mark was severely beaten, and he fell into a coma. Veronica already knew then that she was pregnant, but decided to leave the artist, as she was afraid that her beloved would remain disabled forever. She didn't even visit him in the hospital.

“When I found out that I was pregnant, I was scared to go there. My friends told me that he was a vegetable, it’s a coma. But I didn’t come yet, because I found out that I was expecting a baby,” Golubeva admitted. She also said that she soon met another man who adopted her daughter Masha and adopted the girl.

Mark told those present that for a long time he could not believe that he was abandoned by his once beloved and only girl. "12 years, like Everything is gone, but I still feel hurt, annoyed. I was waiting for you. The nervous system was affected, I really could have remained disabled," Goronok shared.

Veronica agreed to undergo a lie detector test. The results of the study were not at all in favor of the woman. It turned out that she was not loyal to Mark and doubts his paternity.

Soon the current wife of the actor Anna appeared on the set. The woman from the doorway called Veronica a traitor. “He loved you! He expected you to bear ducks. When I met him, he was in a terrible state. But I believed that he had a future. Mark always said that he wanted children, and I would not believe that could leave his child, "- said Anna.

The artist's wife said that it was she who put the forgotten actor on his feet and even gave birth to his daughter. Golubeva, in her opinion, just wanted money.

At the end of the program, Dmitry Shepelev announced the results of the DNA test. The examination showed that Mark Goronok is not the father of Veronika Golubeva's daughter Maria.

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