Vyacheslav Malafeev Hospitalized With 70% Lung Damage

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Vyacheslav Malafeev Hospitalized With 70% Lung Damage
Vyacheslav Malafeev Hospitalized With 70% Lung Damage

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The trained body of the famous athlete turned out to be weaker than the disease. Now the man is in the hospital fans. The fans and the wife and children hope that everything will work out.

A few days ago, the wife of the former Zenit goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev reported that their son had contracted the coronavirus. The boy's illness was mild, so they were at home under the remote supervision of doctors.

Within a few days it became known that not only the son, but also the father of the family was sick. The virus had a stronger effect on Vyacheslav's body. He suddenly felt worse. The doctors had to hospitalize the football player.

During the examination, specialists revealed that the man had serious lung damage. One was affected by 40%, the defeat on the other reached 70%. Malafeev has already been prescribed a course of treatment.

The loved ones still stay at home. Together with the fans of the football player, they support him morally. The spouse hopes that everything will work out, and the athlete's trained body will be stronger than the virus.

Netizens are interested in how Vyacheslav's second wife copes with three children. Recall that the athlete's only daughter from a previous marriage in the summer of 2020 got into a scandal. As a teenager, she began to conflict with her parents and decided to live separately from them. A few months later, Malafeev's daughter got into the police along with a group of teenagers.

She was threatened with punishment under an article related to the possession and distribution of prohibited substances. Vyacheslav managed to settle this issue. The girl was sent for compulsory treatment to a psychiatric clinic. She was in the institution for 3 weeks without means of communication.

Later it turned out that she had raised a riot because of her unwillingness to study and get involved in her parents' business. Much more, the girl liked to shoot videos for social networks, go shopping and beauty salons. With her stepmother, who came to her soon after her mother's death, the girl did not find a common language.

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