8 Famous Girls With Irregular Figures That Men Are Crazy About

8 Famous Girls With Irregular Figures That Men Are Crazy About
8 Famous Girls With Irregular Figures That Men Are Crazy About

Video: 8 Famous Girls With Irregular Figures That Men Are Crazy About

Video: 8 Famous Girls With Irregular Figures That Men Are Crazy About
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Angelina Jolie


Angelina is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, but her figure cannot be called ideal at all. After the scandalous divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie was suspected of anorexia, because with a height of 170 cm, the actress weighed a little more than 40 kg. Today, Angie's shape has improved markedly, but she still carefully hides her legs behind elegant outfits. In general, her figure resembles an inverted triangle, and the buttocks, no matter how many of them you swing, will remain flat due to the special constitution. It is impossible not to pay attention to too long arms. However, this woman delights even the most handsome and successful men. Loneliness after the divorce was her personal desire. Today she is again credited with romances with the most eligible suitors in Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian is the most famous girl with a disproportionate figure who conquered every man. She is credited with plastic surgery to increase the fifth point, but the diva herself says that this is a gift from nature. It is very difficult to call her an ideal, and in many ways this is the fault of short legs. Kim often wears high-waisted dresses, which successfully corrects her silhouette, but it is impossible to follow such a dress code every day. Her figure without embellishment has already been shown to everyone by the paparazzi. Men are not discouraged. There are only handsome men on her love list, and now she is married for the third time.

Serena Williams

Serena is so far from the standards of female beauty that the dresses on her look just ridiculous. Perhaps sports left an imprint on her figure, at least that's what her fans say. But if you look at Anna Kournikova, who will look great on the catwalk, you understand that it is still a matter of genetics. At the same time, in the tennis player's personal life, everything was always good. Today she is married to Alex Ohanyan and has a daughter. Not every beauty can boast of such achievements on the personal front. That only there is an affair with actor Jackie Lonog.

Nicki Minaj

Any man loses his head when he sees a beauty with appetizing forms. Nicky could be a successful plus-size model. Her hips are more than a meter in girth, despite the fact that the performers themselves are a little more than 150 cm tall. However, many find this singer very sexy. She often receives offers to marry and even have children. She talks about this in her instagram blog, but the star is silent about endless intrigues and novels. Today, 35-year-old Minaj is in a relationship with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who is a couple of years younger than her. This man understands beauties. They say he had affairs with Winnie Harlow and Gigi Hadid. The fact that he chose Nicky among them says a lot.

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is an example of how not to complete for small breasts. Against her background, even Keira Knightley with an asymmetric "one" seems to be a curvy seducer. At the same time, Rooney has an angular figure, and the waist is completely absent. However, there is plenty of male attention for the "girl with the dragon tattoo". Despite this, Mara turned out to be a serious girl. Almost nothing is known about her personal life. In 2010, the actress began a relationship with Charles McDowell, and it almost came to a wedding. The plans were thwarted by Joaquin Phoenix, whom the actress switched to while filming. Rooney and Joaquin have been happy together for over a year. The boyish figure of the actress does not bother the Phoenix in love at all.

Tara Reid

After the success of American Pie, Tara woke up as the most desirable girl in the eyes of all men from 14 to 60 years old. True, today you cannot even call her pretty. However, despite this, men continue to admire her, closing the gas to an asymmetrical bust. Maybe the magnet is her self-confidence? Tara often throws loud words full of self-love on various TV shows. The star believes that none of the modern actors is worthy of her. Among her lovers were DJ Carson Daly and musician Erez Eisen. In total, she has several dozen men.

Hilary Swank

The figure of the actress is completely disproportionate, especially short legs stand out. Femininity is not even worth mentioning. Her appearance is not perfect, and Sounck understands this perfectly. She willingly takes on those roles where the heroine bears little resemblance to an ordinary girl. She even has two Oscars for unusual roles, which Hilary coped with with a bang. Things are not bad in personal life as well. The actress had a very romantic wedding with the entrepreneur Philip Scheider. By the way, it was also her birthday.

Halle Berry

Looking at Holly, we first of all see a chiseled body, which is rarely seen even in young girls. The actress has only one problem - crooked legs. This is the reason why they are always crossed in the photo. Men simply do not notice this defect. In general, such a detail can be considered just a piquant highlight. Three times the star beauty was already married, and, judging by the details of her personal life, her legs drove men crazy, regardless of their curvature. Yes, they dumped her, but then they always came back, showering Holly with gifts. Despite her 52 years old, the actress continues to play with male hearts. They say that today Barry wants to resume a relationship with one of her ex-husbands. However, few people believe that the loving actress will stop there.