11 Panin's Friends: Celebrities With Sex Addiction

11 Panin's Friends: Celebrities With Sex Addiction
11 Panin's Friends: Celebrities With Sex Addiction

Video: 11 Panin's Friends: Celebrities With Sex Addiction

Video: 11 Panin's Friends: Celebrities With Sex Addiction
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Many people do not consider sex addiction to be a serious disease. “Just think, I want sex! Drug addicts and alcoholics are a completely different matter!”The majority thinks. But if you get to know the stories of "patients" with this disorder closer, it becomes clear: sex addiction is no better than any other addiction, and sometimes even worse, because it creates an impression of safety.


Who of the celebrities faced this problem and whether they managed to cope with it, read our material.

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein was one of the most influential producers in Hollywood until he became a member of the largest sex scandal. In 2017, dozens of actresses accused the owner of The Weinstein Company of sexual harassment. This story even gave rise to the so-called "Weinstein effect" - a phenomenon when a public figure is massively accused of attacks or harassment.

Among Weinstein's "victims" are actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan, Jessica Barth, performer Lisa Campbell, director Emma de Caune and many others. After the allegations were made public, Harvey Weinstein went to the Meadows for treatment, where he received a 45-day Gentle Path course, which was supposed to relieve him of addiction.

The course consists of hippotherapy, yoga, meditation, medication and consultation with a psychiatrist. The cost of Gentle Path is about 40 thousand dollars. Whether the treatment helped Weinstein or not remains a mystery.

Jesse James

Former wife of Sandra Bullock Jesse James is called perhaps the most important "Casanova" in Hollywood. It is known that a man spends about 10 thousand dollars at a time on the services of prostitutes! It is difficult to disagree that this is already a disease. Although James himself admitted his problem only when his wife presented him with a clear ultimatum: either treatment or divorce.

James agreed to undergo treatment, but he did not give the desired effect. Soon the man returned to his hobby again, and their marriage with Bullock finally fell apart.

Now "Casanova" admits that he caused his family a lot of pain, but "could not do otherwise."

David Arquette

David Arquette is another man who, through his own stupidity, lost one of the main beauties of Hollywood. The ex-husband of Courtney Cox has repeatedly cheated on his wife, although, as he himself claimed, he did not feel pleasure from this.

After sleeping with another woman, I burst into tears. It was no longer the closeness that my wife gave me. I was not satisfied.

Courtney herself once said in an interview that at times she felt discomfort due to her husband's hypersexuality. According to the actress, David Arquette "couldn't even hug her without getting an erection."

Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen is one of those sexaholics who are happy with the current circumstances and consider their disease more a plus than a minus. Although the man underwent treatment in various clinics, it never gave the promised results, because the doctors lacked the main "component" that would help return the actor to his normal state - the patient's desire to recover.

Charlie calls himself a "sex machine" and claims to have had an intimate relationship with more than five thousand women! If so, the actor deserves an honorable (but far from first) place in our ranking of sex giant stars. True, if some of them said that they slept with women because of love, Shin openly declares that he loves sex and nothing else.

And the actor hates foreplay, and therefore prefers to pay for sex and not bother with courtship and seduction. It should be noted that in 2015 Charlie Sheen admitted that he was HIV-positive and now dozens of women with whom he had unprotected sex are preparing lawsuits against him.

David Duchovny

Actor David Duchovny, unlike many other sex addicts, really hates his illness. The man said that, under the influence of lust, he caused his loved ones a lot of pain, which he now greatly regrets.

You know, no one has yet invented greater happiness than family. When I almost missed it, I realized it so deeply that no one else and nothing else can turn me off the path of the true.

In 2008, Duchovny publicly admitted his hypersexuality and spoke about his divorce from his wife Elizabeth. The man underwent treatment in a private clinic and, as he claims, was able to get rid of the symptoms of the disease. In 2009, the wife returned to David, but two years later, their marriage broke up completely. Obviously, it's not so easy to forgive repeated cheating.

Russell Brand

In a month, about 80 women could pass through the bed of the British humorist Russell Brand, and this is not the limit! However, for a long time such sexual activity did not bother the man at all until he decided to start his own family. In 2010, Russell Brand married singer Katy Perry, claiming that he had found the one with whom he was ready to spend the rest of his life.

It is not known what happened, but a year later the couple broke up, and Russell himself became the initiator of the divorce. The comedian insisted on the "insurmountable differences" that they faced during their life together, but fans are sure: Brand took up the old.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, although not a Hollywood actor, is a fairly well-known personality, so when information surfaced about the athlete's sexual adventures, it was not possible to avoid a scandal. Like Weinstein, Tiger Woods underwent 45 days of treatment at the Meadows Clinic, and, according to the golfer, he worked.

Now the man understands how stupid and cruel his behavior was towards his wife. It is known that during his married life, Tiger had about 120 mistresses.

What I was doing was unacceptable. My behavior was irresponsible and selfish. I'm the only one to blame.

Lindsey Lohan

We have already heard about the adventures of this beauty. But Lindsay Lohan's youth was so stormy that it would be a sin not to mention her again. Noisy parties, alcohol, drugs, police reports And, of course, promiscuous sex. Lindsay has repeatedly admitted that she had a new sexual partner almost every night, as she did not want to feel lonely.

Because of her frivolity, Lindsay often found herself in unpleasant situations - the media are full of "drunk" photos of the actress and recordings of her antics in clubs. However, now, as the girl herself assures, she has settled down and is even ready for family life.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas became the first Hollywood actor to publicly admit his sex addiction and volunteer for treatment. According to the spouse of Catherine Zeta-Jones, his active hobby for the girl began at the age of 14 and since then has only gained momentum.

Fortunately, the treatment in the clinic helped to moderate the man's libido and set him on the right path. But the calmness in the star couple was not too long - in 2010, Douglas was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. For almost a year he fought the disease and, in the end, won. True, during this time, the health of Catherine herself was greatly shaken. Against the background of worries about her husband, the actress developed severe depression and this despite the fact that she already suffered from a serious mental disorder.

We can only hope that the Hollywood couple are doing well now.

Anthony Wiener

A series of sex scandals in the life of former Congressman Anthony Wiener began in 2011 and continues to this day. The politician, who for a long time was a model of marriage, was caught in an intimate correspondence with six women at once. And everything would be fine if Wiener did not attach a photo of his genital organ to the messages.

And once a congressman was publicly embarrassed when he mixed up the buttons on Twitter - instead of sending an intimate photo in personal correspondence, Viner posted it to his feed. But the peak of his "popularity" was a court sentence for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The film "Viner" was even made about the politician's sexual adventures.

Mick Jagger

The leader of the Rolling Stones has earned a reputation as a lustful animal due to his uncontrollable craving for sex. According to Jager himself, the number of his sexual partners has long exceeded 4 thousand. Friends and relatives of the musician have repeatedly recommended that he seek professional help. But Jager himself did not recognize the problem.

When the rocker finally agreed to undergo treatment, his friends were thrilled! But the joy was not too long, because the lustful old male managed to somehow seduce his doctor!

Alexey Panin

And finally, we want to mention the Russian actor, who was so distinguished in terms of sexual antics that he could easily compete with all of the above celebrities combined. We are talking about Alexei Panin, known for his roles in the films "Zhmurki", "Star" and the TV series "Soldiers".

Although who are we kidding? Not at all outstanding acting talent brought real fame to Panin. There were so many sex scandals with his participation that we even devoted a separate article to them. In short, Panin took part in an orgy, walked around the city in women's underwear, possibly seduced an innocent dog, and more recently gave a lady a nice foot to go where you thought.

In general, if there is a person in the world who really loves sex, then this is him. And all Western sexaholics, compared to Panin, are just amateurs.

Have you heard about this disease before?

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