“Love By Algorithm. How Tinder Dictates Who We Sleep With ": Dokulyan About Modern Bridget Jones

“Love By Algorithm. How Tinder Dictates Who We Sleep With ": Dokulyan About Modern Bridget Jones
“Love By Algorithm. How Tinder Dictates Who We Sleep With ": Dokulyan About Modern Bridget Jones

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When Frenchwoman Judith DuPorteuil was dumped by her boyfriend after several years of relationship, she decided to install the Tinder app on her phone to unwind a little. Judit became interested in exactly how the much-vaunted Tinder algorithm works, allowing users to find the “perfect match”. This interest resulted in an exciting journalistic investigation and the book “Love by Algorithm. How Tinder dictates who we sleep with. " What did it lead to and is it worth taking this book into the hands of those who have settled down long ago - in the ReadRate review.


We'll answer right away: yes, it's worth it. Judit Duportuil's book went beyond the discussion of Tinder alone - it is about relationships in general, about finding a soul mate, loneliness, self-esteem and how Big Data is changing our lives.

But let's get back to Tinder. This is a popular mobile dating app. Many people use it to find a partner for non-commitment sex for one night. Users like by swiping left or right on each other's photos. When two people show mutual interest, a match happens, and they can start a private correspondence, and then continue communication in a face-to-face meeting.

It would seem that this is the perfect way to find new acquaintances in a big city, raise self-esteem and recover from a difficult breakup. In fact, Judith found that Tinder's logic forces one to evaluate itself as a piece of meat in the market - in terms of weight, beauty, compliance with the norm. Hours spent on Tinder leave a void in the soul, and a series of unsuccessful dates strongly affects the self-esteem of even conventionally beautiful women. At the same time, the application constantly encourages the user to search, hinting that the sea is full of first-class fish.

But that is not all. In search of material for the book, Judith turns to lawyers, analysts, hackers, and even representatives of Tinder itself. She tries to find an answer to the question of how exactly the application selects the perfect match for you. Apparently, each user is assigned a certain rating depending on his popularity, age, income level, education and other parameters. Thanks to Big Data technology, a seemingly harmless application has access to a huge amount of personal information and does not always use it for good.

For example, Judit believes that Tinder follows a very offensive patriarchal model of relationships in his assessments - he literally brings adult wealthy men together with young, beautiful and poorly educated girls. Whereas young boys and older women have a lower priority in the application.

“Love by algorithm. How Tinder dictates who we sleep with”leaves more questions than answers - a giant corporation with a multimillion-dollar turnover, of course, is not eager to reveal its cards to an ordinary Frenchwoman on freelance. As a result, the investigation does not reveal any scandalous truth, but makes us think again about why we are so afraid of loneliness and how we constantly evaluate each other and ourselves.

The book reads like a do-it-yourselfer about the modern Bridget Jones, desperate from loneliness and trying to find the truth, but at the same time lights another cigarette, pours a glass of chardonnay and walks into Tinder. Just for a minute, the very last, the last time.

Publisher: Individuum

Released: 2020

Translators: T. Trostnikova and N. Grin

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