Useful Tips For Car Sex

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Useful Tips For Car Sex
Useful Tips For Car Sex

Video: Useful Tips For Car Sex

Video: Useful Tips For Car Sex
Video: TIPS On How To Have Sex In A Car 2023, June

Sex in the car is no longer even a fantasy, but simply number one in the list of "most realized sexual adventures." What turns people on in this environment? Closeness, closeness to each other? Violation of prohibitions? Sex in the car is a bit like sex in a public place, but you are separated from the street. You are not noticeable, but you yourself perfectly see what is happening around. So how do you make this experience truly unforgettable?


A recent study by found that approximately 85% of adults have had sex in a car at least once. An impressive figure, isn't it?

Choose your car wisely

Having sex in a small car may not be as easy as you think. Millennials have admitted that they prefer to indulge in passion in SUVs. And the level of satisfaction from sex in it is higher than in another car - it is 3.4 points out of 5. The same number were scored by cars with coupes and pickups. Sedans "earned" a little less - 3.2 points.

Safe pose

Yes, there are so many things you can do in a car. Just don't blowjob to the driver while driving, we conjure you! The number one sex position in the car was and remains the cowgirl position. Car enthusiasts rated it 3.5 out of 5. Doggy style is in second place. At the very bottom of the list is pose "69". "But how?" - as if we are asking. And yet she has a rating of 2.3 out of 5, which is not too low for a pose that is almost impossible to take in a car.

The good thing about Riding Pose is that it is compact enough that both of you fit wonderfully in the back seat of a car. And you can climb into the passenger seat too. The main thing is no tricks in the driver's seat, you don't want to accidentally hit the horn with your buttocks, as in a bad comedy with a laugh offscreen.


Probably, this is not even worth mentioning, but we will say it all the same. Lovers prefer to settle in the back seat of a car rather than the front one. The "second row" scored 4.3 points out of 5. The second place is taken by the passenger seat. Well, there aren't a lot of places in a car not to be in the top 3.

But don't forget that car sex isn't just about the seats. You can always go out to get some fresh air, and at the same time continue your romantic exercises on the trunk or on the bumper (just make sure they are not hot).

Right place, right time

The advantage of having sex in a car is that a car is such a "holiday that is always with you." In the parking lot, in the park, in the backyard in front of the office - any place can turn into your "love nest" if it is hidden enough from view. But remember: sex in a car, if people see you, automatically turns into "lecherous actions in public," and this, as you know, entails a lot of problems. Therefore, choose secluded places, hidden from prying eyes.

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