Whom Does Maxim Grechanin Like To Troll, And On Whom Does His Beloved Daria Hone The Techniques Of Muay Thai? About

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Whom Does Maxim Grechanin Like To Troll, And On Whom Does His Beloved Daria Hone The Techniques Of Muay Thai? About
Whom Does Maxim Grechanin Like To Troll, And On Whom Does His Beloved Daria Hone The Techniques Of Muay Thai? About

Video: Whom Does Maxim Grechanin Like To Troll, And On Whom Does His Beloved Daria Hone The Techniques Of Muay Thai? About

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We have invited well-known Omsk couples to become heroes of our special project "Hot Hearts", in which partners answer simple and frank questions without consulting or agreeing in advance. The result of a playful competition is a symbolic score that will show how well they know each other.


To take part in the first edition of this year "NO" invited colleagues Maxim Grechanin and Daria Kolmakova, who worked together on the project "Hawk Hunting". Our wonderful heroes also talked about how they feel about Valentine's Day, before answering the rest of the questions.

Maxim Grechanin, Hockey commentator, author and host of the Hawk Hunt project, host of the Big Three program on Channel 12 “I am extremely positive, because Dasha prepares pizza in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day! Well, at least I did it last year. I hope 2021 will not be an exception!"

Questions to Maxim about Daria

What was the first word she uttered as a child?

- Hmm. Maybe it was a whole phrase - "I want a sausage sandwich"? (Daria: Parents said “meow”, but let it be “mom.” Maxim will probably say: “Mom”).

Does Daria sometimes talk to herself?

- With me - definitely not. Maybe this happens when we are not next to each other, and in this way she brightens up her loneliness ?! (Daria: Of course!)

What do you think, what is your most romantic act of yours?

- An offer to go to Moscow together for the New Year 2020, although at that time we met for only three months. (Daria: This was our first on February 14. Maxim then told me: “I remember you once said that you were never carried in your arms,” and how he began to twist circles with me all over the apartment! it was not so romantic for me, how just nice that he hears my desires).

Does she have a favorite TV show, and if so, which one?

- If we talk about Russian, then she was impressed by "Trigger", and from foreign ones she likes Lost ("Lost"). (Daria: We're watching Lost now, and he'll probably become one of our favorites).

How does she feel about pineapple in pizza?

- She eats them with all the pizza. But if it is possible to choose a pizza with different contents, then he will choose it, and not with pineapples. (Daria: Exceptionally positive. The main thing is that this is pizza!)

And what superpower would your beloved choose if they were handed out at will?

- Influence the subconscious of people and force them to do as she herself needs. (Daria: Get ready quickly so that every time you do not fall under the distribution of all the dissatisfied).

What is the approximate theme of the thesis that Daria chose at the university?

- She works in the field of sports journalism and analyzes programs about hockey. If I'm not mistaken, the topic of her diploma definitely contains the words "Features of sports discourse about (in) hockey". (Daria: It is dedicated to the review of "Overtime" by Andrey Blokhin and the project "Hawk Hunting" by Maxim Grechanin and Pyotr Smolnikov. Yes, I do PR content on Channel 12!)

How does she feel about LGBT people?

- Yes, in general, neither Dasha, nor I belong to these guys. (Daria: Are you talking about the Mother-in-law's Mushroom Broth Lovers? Yes, great! All my married boy friends have already joined it. They say that on Fridays they also give crackers to the soup for free).

Name the city or place that Daria would like to visit the most, but has not yet been.

- Dasha is a noble traveler. She has already visited a lot of places, but she has never been to Baikal yet. Winter landscapes and especially the frozen surface of the lake are impressive.(Daria: Lake Baikal).

What creative piece did she prepare for the beauty contest she won?

- It was a fight from Mortal Kombat, in which she cut all her rivals like a nut. She was one of the characters in this fighting game. I will say one thing: you shouldn't mess with Dasha, because otherwise you can run into Brutality! (Daria: She clearly showed her friends what they taught me in Muay Thai).

Daria also told us about her attitude to the upcoming holiday and answered a dozen questions about her chosen one.

Daria Kolmakova, press attaché of the Avangard Academy “February 14 is an excellent reason to plan a joint trip somewhere. But why do we need these platitudes, if my man has already come up with a super tradition - to carry me on this day in his arms"

Daria's questions about Maxim

How and when did he earn the first money in his life?

- I painted the floor in the gym in the 11th grade. (Maxim: Oh-oh-oh, it was a long time ago! In the summer before the 11th grade, I worked at school and helped in the repair of the gym - together with the guys they painted the walls, window frames, floor. Then I earned my first 2 thousand 700 rubles, which I spent on my first phone. As I remember this Motorola C390 already with two megabytes of memory!)

Does Maxim sing when he takes a shower / bath?

- If only the repertoire of Verka Serduchka or “You are not an angel, but for me, but for me you have become a saint” (this is about me). (Maxim: If this happens, it is extremely rare. Do you know, it is difficult to hear oneself from the noise of water, which makes it difficult to understand whether I am hitting the notes (smiles).

What would you choose to eat in one sitting - a huge chocolate bar or a large packet of chips?

- Why does he need these chocolates and chips when there is bacon, smoked goose or duck at home? (Maxim: A plate of homemade borscht with sour cream, onions and, of course, bacon! Well, or a huge burger if there is no borscht).

Would he like to be on the cover of some popular magazine?

- Maxim was already on the cover of the magazine. Only he never showed it to me, so I don't know which one - apparently, he is hiding his crazy youth from me. (Maxim: It would be nice to get on the pages of Sports Illustrated, for example, as the loudest and most emotional commentator. I have already taken the first steps in this direction, having twice visited the cover of a corporate magazine a couple of years ago).

What is the common character trait both of Maxim and you?

- There is after 12 o'clock. (Maxim: So, there would be no overdoing it. Politeness, reliability, responsibility).

Does he believe in karma and the boomerang effect?

- Oh, hardly. He's a serious man! (Maxim: Yes, I do. Sooner or later everything comes back - no matter how far the boomerang flies).

What kind of animal would he like to turn into for one day?

- Into a raccoon! (Maxim: Probably in a panda, they are too funny).

Does Maxim have fake or anonymous social media accounts?

- So far there are two of us in the family, I have not seen any fakes. (Maxim: No, I never started something like that. The only thing is that on some hockey sites I write comments to the news from time to time, practicing trolling the fans of some clubs).

How does he feel about the Harry Potter franchise?

- Just looked once and that's it. Not fond of Harry Potter, like me. But we will fix it, honestly! Do not throw tomatoes, please. (Maxim: I didn’t read the book at all, but I watched each of the parts once. I was satisfied with the viewing and it is quite possible that I will soon refresh the whole story in my memory. It's good that this is not “Santa Barbara” - it will take time to re-view Little).

Let's say you two went on vacation. What would Maxim be more willing to agree to - spend the whole day on the beach, go hiking in the mountains on his own, or go on an excursion to appreciate the architectural sights?

- On the beach, and devote the evening to a full assessment of the quality of the all-inclusive hotel service (smiles). (Maxim: I would try to catch everything - in the morning you can hike, then go on an excursion, and in the evening - to the beach to enjoy the sunset with your girlfriend).


We gave Maxim points for the assumption that Daria can talk to herself alone, and for a mutually dexterous avoidance of a direct answer to the LGBT topic, and Daria - for knowing about a magazine she had never seen, and for similar vacation plans not excluding the beach.

MAXIMUM: 7 matches out of 10

DARIA: 7 matches out of 10

Other issues of the "Hot Hearts" project can be viewed at the link.

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