9 Movie Couples Who Would Definitely Break Up In Real Life

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9 Movie Couples Who Would Definitely Break Up In Real Life
9 Movie Couples Who Would Definitely Break Up In Real Life

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It would seem that all love stories in cinema should push the viewer to some kind of emotion: compassion, joy, feelings that they might part. Sometimes it is, but from time to time logic wins, and you understand: they cannot be together!


The creators of the show have a different view on this. If it is necessary, it will be so. It doesn't matter that, according to modern concepts and common sense, toxic relationships or strange alliances of people unlike each other are, in principle, impossible and undesirable. Therefore, instead of “ideal”, viewers get a clear example of “how not to do it”.

Serena and Dan, Gossip Girl

Everything is clear here: Dan disgraced Serena for a long time, spread rumors about her and, in general, spoiled life well. All the fans at once had a question: how can they be together, because in fact they have nothing in common. The writers thought differently and sent a couple to the altar. In reality, such a toxic relationship would not have lasted even a year.

Andy and Nate, The Devil Wears Prada

This is not a matter of guesswork: Andy's boyfriend himself is not an empathic or supportive person. The heroine finally finds her dream job, but instead of believing in her and helping her go the hard way, he begins to reproach her for not giving him enough attention. As a result, Andy abandon his own ambitions, just for the sake of what?

Ted and Robin, "How I Met Your Mother"

In the series, the main plot branch is Ted's story about how he met the mother of his children. For nine seasons, the writers kept the intrigue so that in the end, my mother would die from a serious illness, and Ted and Robin would stay together. The fans were extremely unhappy with the ending, because before that, all the episodes proved to them that these two were definitely not a couple.

Aurelia and Jamie, Love Actually

The writer Jamie and his housekeeper Aurelia are quite an ordinary couple, to whom there should have been no questions. If not for one thing: they speak different languages. In order to confess his feelings to the girl, Jamie learned a couple of phrases, but how will they get along further? Of course, the claim may seem biased, but in reality, such multicultural alliances are unlikely.

Abby and Mike, The Naked Truth

Abby abandons the man of her dreams for a rude, completely inappropriate Mike. She does not like absolutely everything in him, but at the same time she will experience a magnetic attraction to the hero. Their union definitely has its own charm, but such a relationship defies logic. It is unlikely that a girl with serious moral principles will hold out for a long time next to such a slob.

Sandy and Danny, Grease

Classic storyline: an exemplary girl and a bad guy. Opposites are said to attract, but in reality, the steps these two take for the sake of the relationship will either strengthen their union or lead to complete failure. In the end, Danny will get bored with the correct way of life, and Sandy will get tired of feigned bitchiness.

Sara and Alex, "Pickup Rules: The Hitch Method"

The journalist Sarah tries to expose Hitch, and he tries to prove to her the effectiveness of his tricks. A relationship that even started so unnaturally causes doubts in the viewer. Does such a couple have a future? Or is there only excitement here?

Paul and Holly, Breakfast at Tiffany's

This pair is considered a benchmark in the eyes of millions of spectators, but in fact it raises a number of questions. For example, how they will live next, given Holly's frivolity and Paul's too gentle nature. After all, sooner or later the veil of unconditional love will subside, and the hero will discover not the most pleasant sides of life together with such an egotist as Holly.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, "Harry Potter"

By all the laws of the genre, Ginny and Harry could not stay together, because she is the younger sister of Ron Weasley, Potter's best friend. Of course, the fans were expecting the “match” of Hermione and Harry, because they certainly suit each other one hundred percent. But Hermione stayed with Ron. J.K. Rowling, the author of the saga, stated that she did it on purpose, "for non-literary reasons."

Whose cinematic union is in great doubt in you?

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