Calf Tenderness: Why You Need To Hug As Often As Possible

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Calf Tenderness: Why You Need To Hug As Often As Possible
Calf Tenderness: Why You Need To Hug As Often As Possible

Video: Calf Tenderness: Why You Need To Hug As Often As Possible

Video: Calf Tenderness: Why You Need To Hug As Often As Possible
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Calf tenderness: why you need to cuddle as often as possible Well, think, veal tenderness, what is the use of them? Meanwhile, hugs, as it turns out, are very important both for health and for strengthening relationships. And a frivolous attitude towards them can be fraught with failures in your personal life.


Male gaze

What nonsense

The coolest of all to "hugs" (as, indeed, to other affections) are men. They think hugging is pointless.

- I understand when crying, you can still console, - says my old friend. - And so what?

And some men, even if their wife bursts into tears, are not ready to hug her. The most they can do is pat on the shoulder. For many men, hugging is closely related to sex. Therefore, in ordinary life they seem inappropriate.

“You used to start hugging - and immediately you want sex (roughly, but truthfully),” a participant in one of the forums frankly admits.

However, there are many husbands who, even in bed, do without tenderness.

“Everything is extremely simple: one or two - and in bed. We don't even kiss during sex. And there is no question of just hugging,”one of the users complains in social networks.

Many representatives of the stronger sex not only do not pamper their companions with tenderness, but they themselves do not allow themselves to be hugged.

How many women complain that one has only to try to hug the faithful, as he immediately begins to brush aside: “But without this! I do not like all these calf tenderness! ".

One of the members of the forum writes that when she hugs her boyfriend, he generally declares that she humiliates him with this. She is echoed by other Internet users who complain about their husbands' rejection of tenderness.

Psychologists explain the intolerance of men to hugs by problems in upbringing.

“Many parents are sure that excessive affection is only to the detriment of the future man, because it makes him a bunch of fluff,” explains Moscow psychologist Dmitry Oreshin. - Therefore, they try not to caress the boys once again - otherwise it will be like a girl. They are taught to restrain their feelings - men do not cry. As a result, the child firmly learns that his feelings must be hidden. And all these hugs and caresses is something, if not shameful, then certainly worthless. Society prescribes a man to be brave and aggressive. Here the stronger sex learns to keep any emotions in itself. For many, showing tenderness is tantamount to showing weakness.

Female gaze

It's better than sex

True, some women, not spoiled by parental affection in childhood, also treat calf tenderness with prejudice.

- Due to the lack of warmth and affection in childhood, their emotional development stalled, - explains the psychologist. - Such women remain cold even with close people - they simply do not know how to express their love. As a result, they either choose men who are harsh, like the Arctic climate, as their companions, or remain alone, because emotional men do not linger next to them.

But for most of the fairer sex, the husband's desire to caress or hug them is very important. In their opinion, the manifestation of tenderness and affection on the part of a man is a sure evidence of his love.

“At this moment I feel necessary,” one of the forum members admits.

“When my husband hugs me and I bury myself in his shoulder, then I feel in full measure all the charm of this very man’s shoulder next to me,” my friend shares.

According to many representatives of the fairer sex, tenderness in itself sometimes means much more to them than just sex. According to women's logic, if a man hugs her just like that in everyday life, it means that he not only wants, but also loves.

“Is it really so difficult to understand that tenderness is more important for a woman than sex? - the Internet user is sincerely perplexed. "I would trade two sex for one hug!"

Some sexologists argue that the main source of sexual dissatisfaction for many women lies primarily in the lack of tenderness, and not in the absence of sex.

- Men's hugs allow a woman to feel loved, necessary, give a feeling of warmth and unity with the chosen one, a sense of security and peace, - explains Moscow psychologist Dmitry Oreshin.

Don't be shy, hug

In fact, hugs are equally needed by both the strong and the weaker sex. From a psychological point of view, they help a person feel better and more confident. To begin with, hugging, no matter how disdainful many may be to them, is primarily an act of communication.

- With their help, we make it clear to our companion how close and necessary he is to us, and not only sexually. To allow yourself to be hugged means to trust another. And nothing strengthens relationships like a feeling of trust between partners, explains the psychologist. Affectionate hugs do not allow people to be isolated, help them feel loved and needed.

In general, according to experts, a person's mental health is inextricably linked with the satisfaction of tactile needs. Psychologists have long proved that a person, along with other living things, needs touch.

Albert Einstein admitted that when he had difficulties at work, he asked his wife to hug him.

Famous American family doctor and psychotherapist Virginia Satir claims that every person needs four hugs a day just to survive. For good health, you need at least eight hugs a day.

Hugs and other tactile caresses (touching, stroking) are also useful from a medical point of view, since they have great vitality. They help to strengthen the whole body, increase immunity.

In all likelihood, there is a certain area of the brain that actively responds to touching human skin. For example, children who were not sufficiently hugged in childhood had weaker immune systems than their peers who received a full dose of affection from their parents. The reason for this is the part of the brain that has atrophied as a result of not hugging, and in the process of hugging, a large amount of endorphins, substances that cause feelings of euphoria and relieve pain, are released in the body. Hugs help to normalize the functioning of the nervous, endocrine and vascular systems, reduce stress and even raise hemoglobin.

Therefore, do not skimp on affection and tenderness towards the child, regardless of gender. So you will save him in the future from health problems and loneliness. And most importantly, do not hesitate to show tenderness towards your life partners.

Your example will be important for the child, who from childhood will learn the necessary model of communication in the family. And hugs will add warmth and trust to your relationship, which we so often lack in family life.

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