Sociologists Have Told Why Family Life Is Going Out Of Fashion

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Sociologists Have Told Why Family Life Is Going Out Of Fashion
Sociologists Have Told Why Family Life Is Going Out Of Fashion

Video: Sociologists Have Told Why Family Life Is Going Out Of Fashion

Video: Sociologists Have Told Why Family Life Is Going Out Of Fashion
Video: Theories About Family & Marriage: Crash Course Sociology #37 2023, March

Sociologists told why family life is going out of fashion In Facebook, the editor of one of the sites shared the advertisement she saw in the newspaper about the search for an apartment: “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, there are no men, and there are no other bad habits either.”

For many of the fairer sex, a man, as the author of the post rightly noted, has become a bad habit, occupying a step on the pyramid of vices somewhere between alcohol and cigarettes. However, among men, there are fewer adherents of family values.

“A generation of selfish loners is growing? - suggests the author of the post. "Or are there other reasons?"

So why is family life going out of style?


Needless to say, today, for many, not only to go to the registry office, but to simply decide to live together under one roof is akin to heroism.

One of the most convenient forms of relationships is simply meetings - for the evening, for the night, well, for a maximum of a couple of days. Without exhausting obligations and unnecessary stress.

Some 20 years ago, this was difficult to imagine. And an unmarried woman aroused sympathy in many. By the age of 22-23, the fairer sex was simply supposed to be married. The idea that a woman can deliberately give up the joys of family life seemed incredible.

Even the career of the heroine of Soviet films was carried away only because of failures in their personal lives. But at the first opportunity to establish this life, they happily chose it.

Bachelor men were also not in particular honor. A normal, full-fledged man was simply supposed to be married. Well, or about to get married.

Inveterate bachelors, as a rule, were presented as some kind of freaks.

Today society is much more favorable to loners. Moreover, sometimes it seems that it specifically encourages them.

This is especially evident in the example of commercials, which are known to be a powerful way of promoting lifestyle.

The heroes of these very videos are successful men and women living alone. At best, with cats and kittens, on which they spend their care. Happy women in negligee eat chocolate, enjoy the aromas of perfume. Men are drinking beer, coffee, driving somewhere by car.

If a man and a woman meet - in a coffee shop, for example, they prefer a cup of coffee to courtship. At best, a free man can invite a free woman for a cup of the same coffee. But not more.

The family in advertising exists mainly as a way to show the versatility of a product - for example, nasal drops that are suitable for all ages, remedies for heaviness in the stomach, etc.

Even household appliances that used to be advertised against the background of the family are now offered for singles. So, for example, in one of the commercials a super-sophisticated stove is advertised. Moreover, it is offered not to anyone, but to a lonely man: "Do you want to surprise your girlfriend?"

- Nothing can be done - the capitalist society dictates the order for individuals, - says psychologist Dmitry Oreshin. - They are more beneficial to him.

I don't want to get married

Many experts agree with him. As sociologists assure, a lonely person is much more profitable as a consumer. It is easier for him to part with money, since he is not pressured by the need to save money for the education of children, family vacations, etc.

The University of Michigan estimates that single individuals consume 38% more food, 42% more packaging material, 55% more electricity and 61% more gas per person than families of four.

It used to be that the family was one of the prerequisites for elementary survival. Now, according to a number of experts, marriage is losing its traditional purpose.

- Previously, there was a Domostroy in Russia. He established his own laws in relations between children and parents, between spouses, - said the famous psychologist and writer Anatoly Nekrasov. - But a new time has come. A new social form came - capitalism, and the form of relations in the family, generic forms did not fit here in any way. There was a discrepancy between the time and the old laws of building a family. The controversy was growing. The family began to lose the advantages that it had before. And this led to the destruction of the form of the family that existed.

Therefore, many today sincerely do not see the point in starting a family?

Regular sex, the guarantor of which at one time was legal marriage, is now available to both sexes and without problems with the registry office. Moreover, even living together under one roof is not required - they arranged a date, while away the evening and went to their own apartments.

Domestic problems, again, that men and women have learned to solve on their own with the help of numerous offices.

And, finally, the weaker sex has learned to earn money, and many simply don’t need a man as a breadwinner. Moreover, it sometimes becomes a hindrance to implementation.

Several of my friends, who have never been married, are not very worried about this. They consider the main advantage of a free life to be the ability to build their life according to their own desire, without looking back and without adjusting to someone else.

Family marriage

The situation is complicated by the fact that marriage, in the minds of quite a few, is essentially a legalized way of subjugating and enslaving each other. But earlier the people agreed to this enslavement under the influence of social attitudes. Today, when it is no longer shameful to refuse to go to the registry office, people readily take advantage of this opportunity.

- Marriage has become a refuge for the most sophisticated exploitation of man - exploitation on love, - Anatoly Nekrasov believes. - Only in marriage can you hear: "I am your husband (or wife) - why don't you love me?" It is in marriage that the deepest illusion arises - the illusion of the need for love. In fact, this is the greatest egoism - a person does not want to give his love, but demands it from another.

In order for living together to bring joy to both, participants in a family run (even if it is not officially formalized) must be able not only to take, but also to give and give each other freedom.

- The yardstick of any relationship between a man and a woman is love and freedom. Freedom is imperative! - Anatoly Nekrasov is sure. - Without each other, they cannot exist in principle, - the psychologist is sure. - Without love, freedom turns into licentiousness, into anarchy, into democracy, and without freedom, love turns into duty, into duty, into violence, into selfishness, gives rise to a sense of ownership. More often than not, it is the lack of freedom that turns families into marriages - this is the main reason. A subconscious or conscious search for freedom leads to divorce, to the search for other forms of relationship.

It is another matter that, sadly enough, for many today the most acceptable form of relations is one that does not require special expenses.

For example, a friend of mine divorced a couple of years after the wedding and since then she categorically does not want to get married.

“You can just date,” she explained to me. “It’s not at all necessary to live under one roof and call out each other’s eyes. And such relationships bring only joy, unlike family relationships. You don't have to adjust to anyone, you don't have to hold back in front of anyone. Every meeting is a holiday.

This desire for an eternal holiday, for a life not burdened with additional obligations, becomes the reason that people begin to view each other only as a source of convenience or pleasure. And family life with its obligations does not fit here in any way.

And, perhaps, even better, that people who are not adapted to family life have finally got the opportunity to do without it. But how much better their life will become from this, only time can show.

What do they think about this

“You will tell me that in old age there will be no one even to bring water. But you must agree that having a family in our time does not guarantee the necessary care in old age. Then why waste energy and vitality, which can be directed towards achieving a goal, implementing an idea, etc.”. Thief

“Loneliness is popular with people who are confident, self-sufficient, creative and creative. Because loneliness is the path to perfection. " Inessa

“Many women are driven by the fear of being alone in old age. Therefore, they set records of joint unhappy living. " Maya Simakina

"Thank God that people have begun to understand that the value of relationships is in their quality, and not in their presence." Ekaterina Deulina

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