What To Do If Another Appears In The Relationship? Psychologist Anetta Orlova's Advice

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What To Do If Another Appears In The Relationship? Psychologist Anetta Orlova's Advice
What To Do If Another Appears In The Relationship? Psychologist Anetta Orlova's Advice

Video: What To Do If Another Appears In The Relationship? Psychologist Anetta Orlova's Advice

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Alas, many face betrayal in family relationships, but how to get through this difficult period and what to do? Recently, the famous psychologist Anetta Orlova told what to do if you find out about your spouse's infidelity.


Psychologist Anetta Orlova is a candidate of sociological sciences, a writer, an expert on many TV shows. She is not afraid of talking frankly and knows about all the problems of a modern person, because it is with them that they come to see her. The other day, on her Instagram account, she raised a very difficult topic - adultery. If a woman finds out about her husband's infidelity, what to do? The specialist is sure that at such moments all words, thoughts, sensations, feelings are confused, as if the soil is leaving from under your feet. There is a fog in my head, because the ideal picture of the world, which was painted on canvas with bright colors, is falling apart. All this does not add adequacy to anyone. The specialist is sure that when you find out about another woman, you need to calm down, and then ask yourself a few questions.

What hurts me the most - my feelings or my pride? Is this an accident or a long-term relationship? How did I know this: maybe there are "well-wishers" who deliberately provoke? How close and important is the person to you? What is the history of this relationship? How important and necessary are you to this man?

After you put all these answers on the shelves, you should pragmatically consider the further development of events. After all, both your personal happiness and the well-being of your children, if you already have them, depend on this.

️If this connection is accidental, a fleeting temptation that a person succumbed to, then the man himself will decide everything very quickly. We will need a unique feminine ability to forgive. And if you promise to forgive, please do not take your words back, do not turn a person into a life sentence. Then it's better to disperse. ️ If a man does not try to calm you down, provokes your feelings, take a step back, catch your breath: you need to find balance. Calm down and think: is it worth getting involved in a race and a fight for a man just for fear of being left alone, without receiving any confirmation of love or respect from him? Why such a black job, for what? Well, if a man is a trophy, an artifact and must be kept with you at any cost and in any condition, then after your victory (and I wish it to everyone), it still makes sense to start working with self-esteem. ️ Sometimes breaking up in life is the best choice. To say “no” to those offers and conditions that are unacceptable to you deserves respect. True, women who are prone to addictive relationships agree to psychologically very difficult, traumatic conditions, so as not to lose their "guardian", and it does not matter that the guardian has long become a domestic tyrant, and the woman has firmly got used to the role of the victim.

The topic turned out to be very relevant for Anetta's subscribers - many of those who responded themselves faced treason and not everyone was able to ask for it or recover after their spouse left. And the public was also interested in the topic of female infidelity, we hope the specialist will tell about them in the future.

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