BuzzFeed (USA): Nice To Watch, Uncomfortable To Film

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BuzzFeed (USA): Nice To Watch, Uncomfortable To Film
BuzzFeed (USA): Nice To Watch, Uncomfortable To Film

Video: BuzzFeed (USA): Nice To Watch, Uncomfortable To Film

Video: BuzzFeed (USA): Nice To Watch, Uncomfortable To Film
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1. In the film "Who's There" Keanu Reeves had to act in a threesome sex scene with the director's wife


“Scenes like this are always strange experiences,” notes Reeves. - No, of course, Eli Roth at the rehearsals created an excellent confidential atmosphere, but anyway, in the end I had to undress and pretend to have sex, and I didn't want to be the guy who seemed to say: “Hello, Eli, your wife - hot thing! "But he was very calm, and everything worked out great."

2. Margot Robbie slashed her back while having sex on a mountain of fake banknotes at The Wolf of Wall Street

“I cut my whole back with these pieces of paper. It wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds,”says Robbie.“If you’re going to have sex on a bunch of money, you’d better give up the thought. Well, okay, maybe real money would have been softer. When I got up and reached for my robe, everyone gasped: “It seems like you were beaten with a whip.”

3. On the set of Neighbors, Dave Franco got a pimple on his buttock, which made his first bed scene even more difficult.

“I was already very nervous. We only met Helston Sage the day before. She was beautiful, behaved very nicely, but I still felt embarrassed. We just met and went straight to bed, even the name, one might say, didn’t ask,”Franco recalls. - Well, of course, that day a huge pimple jumped on my ass. And I had to go to the make-up artist, whom I also recently met, and ask him to cover it up."

4. To improve relations with Robert DeNiro (Robert DeNiro) before co-filming in the erotic scene in "The Grandfather of Easy virtue" Aubrey Plaza (Aubrey Plaza) put her "eerily depraved" photo in the book, which she presented to him

“We didn’t know each other, we never spoke. I was scared to work with him, and I realized that I needed to do something crazy, - says Plaza. - I took a creepyly depraved selfie in the role, put it in a book on Zen Buddhism and slipped this book under the door of his trailer. Nothing happened for a week, and I had already decided that I would be kicked out of the shooting. Then he calmly approached me and said: “Thanks for the book. I only read up to the fourth page - but I really liked it!"

The photo, of course, was on the fourth page.

5. In Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan made funny sounds instead of simulating orgasm to make Dakota Johnson laugh

“When the general shot was filmed, the whole scene was completely overlaid with music anyway,” says Dornan. “And every time I was tempted to make Dakota laugh. Therefore, sometimes, when my orgasm was supposed to be, I, instead of portraying it, sang something like: "Pam-param-param."

6. In a hot scene in Life in Wartime, Alison Janney and Michael Lerner were so slippery that Lerner fell and was hospitalized

“Michael had to pin me to the wall, and it was required that we were both all in sweat. So they poured some shiny thing over us, but they didn't think that the floor was marble,”Jenny recalls. - Well, he is leaning on me, and we suddenly fly out of the frame, because he slips and drags me along. He falls to his knees, I laugh, the operator laughs too. But Michael ended up hurting himself badly, he even ended up in the hospital."

7. Robert Pattinson's ass had to rewrite the sex scene in Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1"

“The gap between the buttocks was too noticeable in the shot,” says Pattinson. - I was told that it should be cut out, but in the end they somehow managed, retouched it without cutting out the frame. It turns out that you can show the buttocks, but the gap between them is not."

8. Julia Roberts was so worried about the sex scenes in Pretty Woman that she got a rash

“I’ve never done this before and I was very nervous,” says Roberts. - And I got a rash on my skin. I have to kiss, and I have a rash But it's funny that on the set we became so one family, so close that when it came to these scenes - but they still knew what I think and feel about this - the rest were almost worried bigger than me."

9. For "Boogie Nights" Mark Wahlberg got a fake penis and it was too long. I had to make a new, shorter one, which Wahlberg then saved as a keepsake.

“At first, it was made exactly to the size of John Holmes, a porn star from the 70s,” explains Wahlberg. - This thing reached my knees. It was an absurd sight, but I had to go out like this on the set. It was very uncomfortable. But the shortened version, which was then made, remains the only souvenir that I have ever taken away from the set."

10. Keira Knightly in Atonement needed a few spare copies of the famous green dress because it was torn all the time during the sex scene in the library

“I managed to break them all,” Knightley says. - This dress is not suitable for sex at all! It has such a cut in the front that it tears from any touch. We had a lot of spare dresses, and we still had to fix and sew them up."

11. On the set of Love and Cigarettes, director John Turturro decided that Kate Winslet and James Gandolfini were too constrained in the erotic scene, and replaced Gandolfini with a "big ball."

“We were filming a sex scene and I realized they looked too tight,” Turturro says. “So I decided to take James away and put Kate on a big ball so that she would bounce and look around. The problem was how to match them with James. When it was his turn, he pretended to have sex, and I shook Kate's wig over him. As a result, in the final version, both look quite relaxed - but in fact they are not even in the same room."

12. Ben Affleck in "The Law of the Night" simultaneously filmed a sex scene and played in it, but did not shout "Cut!" on time - and Sienna Miller left the role in surprise

“I sometimes shoot one take after another without interruption, so that the process goes without interruption,” says Affleck. - Well, we filmed this very sex, I thought that everything was in order, we were just filming takes, there was no need to shout “Filmed!” And then Sienna suddenly starts laughing and says to me through laughter: “Who are you playing at all? How many times, do you think he can finish?"

13. Last but not least: Olivia Colman in The Favorite accidentally scared Emma Stone with a wet sponge

“Emma had to fondle me under the covers - and that made her a little nervous,” Coleman recalls. - So I went to the dressing room and took a sponge, a big wet sponge, covered myself there and told Emma not to worry. And here we are filming, Emma strokes my leg and suddenly with such disgust - "Oh!" And I was like: "No, no, no, it's just a sponge!"

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