1000 Couples Got Married At Unusual Venues Of The Capital In September

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1000 Couples Got Married At Unusual Venues Of The Capital In September
1000 Couples Got Married At Unusual Venues Of The Capital In September

Video: 1000 Couples Got Married At Unusual Venues Of The Capital In September

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“The popularity of unusual places in the capital, where you can get married, is growing. Each of the sites is unique and has its own peculiarity. For example, in the Oko Tower, after the ceremony, the newlyweds can climb to the highest observation deck in Europe for a photo shoot, and in the National Hotel the wedding takes place overlooking Red Square. Next year the list of sites will be replenished”, - said the acting. Head of the Civil Registry Office Svetlana Ukhaneva.


In total, about 9 thousand couples were married in the capital in September. Of these, more than 2.2 thousand couples got married in the Wedding Palaces.

The most popular is still the Wedding Palace 1: about 700 couples were married there. More than 6 thousand marriages were registered in the registry offices. The largest number of registrations was carried out by the Tagansky registry office: about 400 couples got married there. The Meshchansky and Kutuzovsky Registry Offices registered 300 marriages each.

More than 60% of couples in September got married on Friday and Saturday, the most popular days for marriage. More than 85% of weddings took place in a festive atmosphere: with musical accompaniment, a congratulatory speech by the presenter, exchange of rings and congratulations to the guests.

Half of the newlyweds, who applied for marriage registration in September at the Academic registry office, registered their marriage in the Royal mansion. More than 60% of future spouses who applied for marriage at the Khoroshevsky registry office got married in a mansion in Serebryany Bor and at the Central Moscow Hippodrome. And about 60% of couples, whose marriage registration applications were submitted to the Cheryomushkinskiy registry office, solemnly registered their marriage in the "Safisa" celebration house.

The opportunity to register a marriage at more than 30 unusual venues in the capital appeared for Muscovites on May 4, 2019 as part of the Moscow Mayor's project. During this time, more than 11 thousand couples got married at unusual venues.

Newlyweds choose unusual venues according to various criteria. Future spouses Olga and Vladimir turned to the capital's registry office for advice on the selection of a site. After considering all the options, they dreamed of getting married in the Federation Tower at Panorama 360.

“Thank you for the tips! It was an unforgettable wedding in sneakers”, - shared the young after the solemn registration and walk around the city.

Spouses Pavel and Elizaveta serve in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and accidentally chose a site for registering a marriage next to the Main Investigative Department of Moscow.

“Initially, we wanted an unusual place, in the Bogolyubov Library we really liked the luxurious hall, and the location attracted us. Later it was found out that the Main Investigation Department of Moscow is located very close by. I am an active investigator, and my husband is a former investigator, they laughed that even on our wedding day, work would be near,”said Elizaveta.

We remind you that since October 12, the registry offices have switched to work by appointment. You can apply for marriage registration through the Unified Portal of Public Services or, in special cases, personally at the registry office. For example, if one of the newlyweds is a foreign citizen or there is a legal basis on which the waiting period for registration is reduced. The size of the state duty for registering a marriage in the capital's registry offices or at unusual sites remained the same - 350 rubles.

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