Expert On The Arrest Of Schema Monk Sergius: Paid For Stalin's Methods

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Expert On The Arrest Of Schema Monk Sergius: Paid For Stalin's Methods
Expert On The Arrest Of Schema Monk Sergius: Paid For Stalin's Methods

Video: Expert On The Arrest Of Schema Monk Sergius: Paid For Stalin's Methods

Video: Expert On The Arrest Of Schema Monk Sergius: Paid For Stalin's Methods
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Expert on the arrest of Schema monk Sergius: Paid for Stalin's methods

Former schema-monk Sergius (Romanov), who seized the Sredneuralsky nunnery in the Sverdovsk region, was detained by special forces. He was escorted to Moscow. The reason for the detention was a video posted on YouTube, in which Romanov calls on his supporters to "die for Russia." He was charged with inducing juvenile suicide. According to the expert, it was high time to detain Romanov, but the authorities paid attention to him only after his calls for actions of disobedience.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Sergius' supporters learned about the impending assault last Sunday. On Monday, parishioners set up round-the-clock security around the perimeter of the monastery. The detention of the ex-schema monk led to clashes between law enforcement officers and

believers. In the video footage that got on the Internet, his supporters shout for the police to release Sergius. As a result, by the forces of special forces and the National Guard, the siloviki managed to take control of the temple.

The reason for the detention was Romanov's sermon, where he asked the parishioners if they were ready to die for Russia, for children, for the future. The ombudsman for the rights of the child in the Sverdlovsk region Igor Morokov, who considered that the words of Romanov could call on children to commit suicide, addressed the prosecutor's office with a corresponding statement. According to the lawyer Sergiy Svetlana Gerasimova, in addition to this, her client is charged with the criminal articles "Obstruction of worship" and "Arbitrariness".

The detention of Romanov "MK" commented on the political scientist from Yekaterinburg, publicist Fyodor Krasheninnikov:

- It is very sad that the law enforcement agencies took up this strange character only after the cuckoo finally left him and he began to call for actions of disobedience to the authorities. Until that moment, he got away with it. What he was doing was known for many years. People tried to fight it, they constantly talked about it, but no one listened to them. Archbishop Vincent made him a priest, and the second metropolitan tolerated Romanov's art for a long time.

Romanov himself considered that he could do anything. But in our country everything is possible as long as you do not speak out against the authorities. As soon as you start talking about politics, special forces can break into you. They broke into both Lyubov Sobol and Jehovah's Witnesses, so why not come to Romanov? We have two relations of power to people: either you are yours and they do not touch you, or you are a stranger and they rush in, beat, drag, take away.

In the situation with Romanov, we can say that a person fought for what he ran into. He liked Stalin and had enough radical views that he got exactly what he liked so much. The state deals with him using Stalinist methods. True, at that time he would have been shot, but now he will be dragged around the courts.

He asked for this for a long time, and I did not hear him worried when the police treated others in this way. In general, everything he said was enthusiastic snot about Stalin, a stream of nonsense and fascist sermons. Any civilian who would allow himself to say something like that would have been in prison for a long time and for a very long time. I'm not saying that this is good, but his art has been tolerated for quite a long time.

- Can Romanov's supporters stand up for him?

- He doesn't have the thousands of supporters he talks about. This is just his own propaganda. When he was officially the abbot of the monastery, he was perceived as a person of status. Now the church officially says that he is a bad person and he has no admirers left. Perhaps there are some third-plan pop artists and half-bums that he collected. So we will not see his tens of thousands of supporters, because they are not there.

All the propaganda has already begun to explain to the public that he is a scoundrel and was preparing the Maidan. As for the punishment, then either his supporters in the person of former colonels will provide him with a humane term, or, if he does not understand that it is time to cooperate, they will be soldered in full. Sergius receives from the authorities the attitude that he supported for others. And there is even some kind of justice in this.

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