6 Basic Tantric Sex Tricks That Even Beginners Can Master

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6 Basic Tantric Sex Tricks That Even Beginners Can Master
6 Basic Tantric Sex Tricks That Even Beginners Can Master

Video: 6 Basic Tantric Sex Tricks That Even Beginners Can Master

Video: 6 Basic Tantric Sex Tricks That Even Beginners Can Master
Video: Tantric sex for beginners - all you need to know to start the practice 2023, March

If you are in no hurry to get to the finish line, but love to enjoy the process and savor every detail, then you will surely like tantric sex - so you can completely immerse yourself in the action and feel new emotions. Not sure where to start? Our simple life hacks will help you quickly figure out what's what and give your partner (and yourself too) incredible sensations.

What is tantric sex and how is it different from ordinary sex?

It is worth starting with the fact that this option of intimacy gained real popularity after the revelation of the singer Sting, who somehow in a spiritual fit told that he was practicing seven-hour marathons with his wife (of course, including the "prelude" in the form of a joint dinner and watching TV). However, most people ignored the information about the accompanying attributes, having understood the main thing for themselves - if someone can indulge in intimacy for seven hours, so why not try it too? In reality, however, the situation is somewhat different. Experts say that during tantric sex, beginners "have enough patience" for only 15-20 minutes, while "professionals" devote about 2-3 hours to intercourse itself.

So what is tantric sex? Literally translated from Sanskrit, the word "tantra" means "loom" or "the thread on which everything basic is strung." In other words, it can be interpreted as "the energy that circulates during intimacy, permeating partners." It is when the union of masculine and feminine energies occurs that partners succeed in reaching the highest point of pleasure. They accept (and understand) the body of the other half, enjoy the intimacy itself and delay the onset of orgasm (for them, this is more of a pleasant bonus, and not specifically a goal). Experts say that with the right (and harmonious) approach, you can get not only physical, but also psycho-emotional pleasure (master the so-called spiritual practice), which can hardly be compared with anything.

Basic steps to pleasure for those who have not previously practiced something like this

“It's too difficult,” “I don’t know where to start”, “It seems to me that we will not be able to do this”, “I haven’t done this before and I’m afraid to ruin everything,” beginners approach the study of this question. On the one hand, they really want to achieve maximum intimacy with a partner and get a new sensory experience, but on the other hand, they worry that in trying to do their best, they will only make it worse. In fact, experts are encouraging that you just need to tune in to the same wavelength with your partner and surrender to the power of emotions (and not withdrawn into yourself).

Where do you start?

Prepare for the process. You can practice abstinence so that you have enough sexual energy so you can make it through the marathon. On the eve of intimacy, give up heavy and fatty foods (otherwise, during the process "something may go wrong"), it is better to add honey, nuts and fruits to the diet (you can choose aphrodisiacs). Remember to do a light set of exercises and how to stretch - this will help prepare the muscles for the process, and you will feel better your body (and at the same time, your partner will be able to evaluate your flexibility and endurance).

As for the room, it is necessary to make sure in advance that the bed does not creak and there are no unnecessary sharp corners in the room, which at the most crucial moment may be very inappropriate. If you have an air conditioner, then you can set the optimal temperature in advance so that later you will not be distracted and not interrupt the process. Light your bedside lamps, the light should be dim and soft, and the environment itself should be comfortable and inviting to intimacy. You can prepare the musical accompaniment in advance, just make sure that the sound is soft and enveloping, and not annoying and deliberately loud.

Immediately before intimacy, you can meditate - free yourself from negative thoughts, forget about problems and tune in to your partner. By the way, you can meditate together, this will help you quickly "catch" the common wave.

Calm, only calm

Even if this is your first time having tantric sex, try to relax and get the most out of it. In this case, you do not need to immediately think about how to quickly get to the final - leave these thoughts and immerse yourself as much as possible in the process. In no case do not rush, your movements should be smooth and sensual. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to tune in to one wave.

"Feel my heart." Place your left hand on your partner's heart and ask him to do the same. Feel your heartbeat, look into each other's eyes, forget about problems and troubles and try to "synchronize with each other" (in such moments, breathing and heartbeat are synchronized).

"There is a contact." Eye contact is very important, so do not look away, but carefully monitor your partner's reaction (what he likes or, on the contrary, causes discomfort). So you can quickly adjust your actions and give maximum pleasure to your soulmate.

"The power of a hug." Hardly anyone will deny the healing power of a hug, so don't give it up. Just do it right in order to feel each other as much as possible and start exchanging energy. For example, you can sit on the lap of your chosen one (facing him) and cuddle with your whole body as much as possible. Focus on the sensations and don't forget about eye contact.

"The union of soul and body." When you achieve the unity of soul and body, having maximally pleased each other and feeling unprecedented excitement, you can move on to intimacy, just choose such positions where you can maintain eye contact and move smoothly without breaking harmony.

"Everything's under control". Do not forget to control arousal, if you understand that you are already close to the final, try switching, take a deep breath and exhale until you regain your strength. Repeat this several times, until your partner reaches the home stretch and you are guaranteed a simultaneous orgasm. And although in tantric sex more importance is attached to the process itself (as to spiritual practice), a bright climax becomes a pleasant bonus for partners and the realization that you have managed to achieve unity of souls and harmonization of relationships. That's what it was all about, right?

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