Savelyeva, Loboda And Other Stars Congratulate Men On Defender Of The Fatherland Day

Savelyeva, Loboda And Other Stars Congratulate Men On Defender Of The Fatherland Day
Savelyeva, Loboda And Other Stars Congratulate Men On Defender Of The Fatherland Day

Video: Savelyeva, Loboda And Other Stars Congratulate Men On Defender Of The Fatherland Day

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Today, February 23, Russia celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day, on which we all congratulate not only the military, but also just beloved men.


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Sasha Savelyeva wrote very touching words to her husband Kirill Safonov: “Did I know on February 23, 2009 that this is my destiny, the only true love, that in the future I will receive the most powerful support from him. That he will be a super-husband and a wonderful father for our son. Yes. I knew. But not exactly I knew exactly on February 24th. 11 years ️"

Glafira Tarkhanova in honor of the holiday published a rare photo with her husband, actor Alexei Faddeev. “MY defender IS NEARBY CONGRATULATIONS !!! Let ALL DEFENDERS be in love, health, with a wife and children, in touch with healthy mom and dad, with the support of the state! Then such concepts as FAMILY and MOTHERLAND will have a huge WEIGHT FOR EVERYONE! YOU ARE OUR POWERFUL PROTECTION !!! May everyone find TENDERNESS and LOVE! And thanks to this it will become STRONGER !!! WORLD WORLD !!!!!!!!!!! ", - she wrote

Tireless provocateur Svetlana Loboda in honor of February 23 posted hot shots on Instagram.

“Our dear men, Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day !!! You are our defenders, our wall, our hope and support !!! Our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, you are for us the personification of courage, courage and valor !!! You are our best and beloved ones, we always believe in you, we hope for you, we will support you !!! Be healthy, happy and loved !!! ", - wrote Tatiana Navka and published photographs with her husband and father.

Ex-member of the Leningrad group Alisa Vox congratulated the men with a spectacular shot from her video.

“Dear men, I congratulate you on the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Peace and kindness to you. Be courageous, love and be loved. For women, protection is in your decency, nobility, ability to love and beauty in your actions.. ", - wrote Anastasia Volochkova.

“Happy Holidays, dear men ️ ️ ️ I wish you good health, drive and good luck at work and, of course, a loving woman next to you!” - Yanina Studilina congratulated.

Dana Borisova decided to remember how she was the host of the “Army Store”: “️ Happy Holidays, our dear men And may on this day you will always be not at the border, although it is also very important to guard it, but also next to us, fragile women, because Your concern for us seems to me EVEN MORE IMPORTANT On this day, I remember 8 years in the #Army store, the years in which I visited everywhere, on cruisers and aircraft carriers, twice in Chechnya, in the Far East, almost everywhere, in short, where our soldiers were serving. On Tuesday on the first # first channel ONE OF THE BEST PROGRAMS WITH MY PARTICIPATION."

Aiza Anokhina posted a touching video with her sons on her Instagram page.

“My four main defenders! ️ #Holiday # I love”, - Maria Zubkova signed a photo with her husband and three sons.

“February 23 is an official occasion to speak out to our men, and of course I will not miss it. Dear Men! For many years I have been talking about the fact that robots are stepping on your heels, and the struggle for equality in some places has already made an overly shameless glance at a woman suspect. As an independent woman in spirit, I will say: the less we depend on you, dear men, the stronger we become, but … The less mutual dependence unites us: to eat, drink, love, cope with difficulties, raise children and grow old, the more uninteresting it becomes our life. And a strong woman doesn't want to live a boring life at all.We cannot imagine ourselves without you, and to hell with the tendencies proposed by someone about the absolute self-sufficiency of the human individual. You are the real protectors. The legends of Viking and Amazon women are great, but we know that if anything happens, you will be the one who will stand up for our freedom and safety. Protect the country, protect us and know: we love you and always look forward to your return from any campaign,”wrote Tina Kandelaki.

“Happy holiday, dear men! Always be an example of perseverance and prudence for us, because our difficult world rests on your strength and love. ️ And we will be there!”Inna Mikhailova congratulated the men.

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