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Athletes from the capitals of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan - about why they value men


Today, 23 February, the whole country traditionally celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is increasingly celebrated as a "men's day". We have collected congratulations from eminent and charming athletes from two republics - Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. The girls told us what gifts they prepared for their loved ones and what, in their opinion, a real man should be.

Victoria Mazur: "I am attracted by brains in men"

Victoria Mazur, the captain of the basketball club "Kazanochka", returned to Kazan after a trip to the capitals and in the near abroad. She says that she has huge plans for Kazan:

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Victoria Mazur congratulates her stepfather Gennady on this day, as well as the entire male team of the club in which she performs.

- First of all, I will definitely congratulate my stepfather. We have a day off, the team and I will congratulate our men the next day: the coaching staff, management, director, chief, press attaché. Since we are surrounded by a large number of men, we plan to make them a pleasant surprise, to set a festive table, - Victoria shared her plans.

Photo - personal archive of Victoria Mazur

According to the athlete, a man should be smart, purposeful, because with such a person any girl will feel like a princess.

- The mind is valuable in any person. If a man is smart and purposeful, then this is the main key to a woman's heart. I am attracted to men in brains, more than other data, - shared Victoria with Realnoe Vremya. As for the actions, the athlete highlights the attitude of the man towards her.

Photo - personal archive of Victoria Mazur.

- Courtship, flowers, gifts - all this, of course, is great, but when a man is ready to help, in our time it is a rarity. They can, for example, write an SMS: "I hope you succeed." And if he behaves like a real man, he is ready to offer help, to console you … After all, despite the fact that I am an athlete, first of all I am a woman. Therefore, I also have moments when I just want to cry for someone, to talk to someone, so that they can calm me down. If a person knows how to listen, this is important. Although they say that a lot needs to be discussed "between us girls", communication between a man and a woman is very valuable. In my understanding, the main factor is the willingness to help, - explained Victoria.

Anastasia Kiseleva: "I want to wish a lot, but the most important thing is health"

Captain of the Ufa-Alisa handball team Anastasia Kiseleva congratulates her husband Yevgeny on Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Photo: personal archive of Anastasia Kiseleva

- Everyone dreams of meeting a real man, a protector, in order to feel in good hands. I can answer for myself: I met such a man, - Anastasia admitted. - I want to congratulate my husband on the Defender of the Fatherland Day! I want to wish a lot, but the main thing is health.

Photo: personal archive of Anastasia Kiseleva

Anastasia says that her husband's job is not the easiest, but he never gives up and always achieves his goals.

- I always learn something new from him, because he is my example. On February 23, I will have a game, Zhenya promised to attend it and support me, and in the evening I will cook a festive dinner,”Anastasia told Realnoe Vremya.

Zaryazhko-Queen: "Our love and respect are always with you"

Irina Koroleva Zaryazhko-Koroleva, central blocker of the Kazan volleyball club Dynamo-Ak Bars and the Russian national team, congratulates all men on the 23rd of February. But first of all, her congratulations are sent to her husband Alexei.

- Congratulations to all men on February 23! I appreciate in you such qualities as a sense of humor, confidence, intelligence, responsibility and understanding, and I am very glad that all this is characteristic of my husband. We always notice and appreciate your care and attention to us. I wish you patience and strength every day, and our love and respect are always with you! - Irina sends her warm greetings.

Photo - personal archive of Irina Zaryazhko-Koroleva

In her husband, Irina appreciates care and attention. It was with these qualities that he conquered her.

- During the games, he limits me from all worries, so that my thoughts are only about the game and preparation for it. I have no words how grateful I am to him for this, she admits.

Photo - personal archive of Irina Zaryazhko-Koroleva

Anna Prugova: "I value sincerity and responsibility in men"

Anna Prugova, goalkeeper of the Agidel women's hockey team and the Russian national team, also congratulates the men's part of Russia on the holiday.

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A 27-year-old native of Khabarovsk refers to the stronger sex:

- Dear men, I congratulate you on the holiday! From February 23! I wish you to be real warriors in work, business and professional activity. And most importantly, always be real protectors for your families!

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Anna chooses gifts carefully and carefully. And this is not shaving foam or socks!

- Gifts on this holiday are symbolic, but I'm not limited to socks and shaving foam. I try to give something useful, but not too expensive. I appreciate two qualities in men: sincerity and responsibility for their actions, - Anna says to Realnoe Vremya.

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To the great regret of Anna Prugova's fans, her heart is already taken. When asked how a real man should look, she replies: "This is my boyfriend!"

Shklyar: "Actions are little things that make up a complete image of a man"

Karina Shklyar, master of sports in diving, sportswoman of SC Sintez and bronze medalist of the Universiade, congratulates her boyfriend Artyom.

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- Dear men! I congratulate you on your wonderful day - Defender of the Fatherland Day! I especially want to mention my life partner - Artyom. Thank you for the extraordinary patience and love that you give me every day. May all your dreams come true and desires come true. Do not give up your favorite business and be sure to improve! Even though this year we could not fly on vacation, I am sure that we will still visit many countries and visit amazing places together. I love you, - says Karina from the pages of our publication.

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According to Karina, Artem conquered her with his behavior, reverent attitude and actions.

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