Worst Sex Songs Named

Worst Sex Songs Named
Worst Sex Songs Named

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Netizens have created a playlist of songs that are inappropriate for sex. Mashable drew attention to the list.

As noted by the journalists of the publication, the playlist was created in February 2018 on the Spotify service, and for two years after that new songs were added to it. At the moment, it has 13 compositions, the total duration of which is six hours and nine minutes. The author of the list signed it: "Have you passed this challenge?"

The playlist includes several tunes for children, such as the soundtrack for the American educational series Reading Rainbow, and the theme song Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me), written in 1967 for the attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. sea ​​"at Disneyland.

In addition, the list includes the patriotic song God Bless America, the Christmas song The Christmas Shoes, the folk song She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain, the soundtrack to the American police TV series Law & Order, and a remix of the song. Macarena.

To date, a Twitter post with a screenshot of the playlist has received over nine thousand likes. Many admitted that the publication made them laugh a lot.

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