6 Famous Rebels Who Were "tamed" By Their Beloved Women

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6 Famous Rebels Who Were "tamed" By Their Beloved Women
6 Famous Rebels Who Were "tamed" By Their Beloved Women

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True love can change anyone and even the most brutal and indomitable guys. So it happened with the heroes of this collection!


1. Aljay.

The young rapper knew no boundaries, did not pay attention to public opinion, and in one of the songs he called people biomass. By the way, the song became a hit anyway. Aljay was never seen in the manifestation of tender feelings until Nastya Ivleeva, a famous blogger and TV presenter, appeared in his life. Photos with his girlfriend began to appear on the rapper's Instagram, and in the summer of 2019, 25-year-old Aljay married Nastya, which no one expected from a cynical performer. Now the rapper's songs are often dedicated to his beloved wife.

2. Dzhigan.

Another rapper who changed the role of a daring lone wolf. Now Dzhigan feels great in the form of a caring husband and daddy of three adorable daughters. Tracks about parties and women gradually faded away, and in the videos the man began to film his wife Oksana and endlessly confess his love to her.

3. Ashton Kutcher.

In the distant past, being the husband of Demi Moore, Ashton could not stop and ran after many girls. However, after marrying his longtime girlfriend Mila Kunis, the "conqueror of hearts" seemed to be replaced. Ashton became one of the most exemplary husbands and fathers in Hollywood, enjoying spending time with his children.

4. L'One.

The brutal rapper Levan Gorozia only on stage becomes an indomitable and wild "tiger". In the circle of his family - his wife and children, Levan turns into an affectionate and sweet dad, who sings songs from cartoons with his daughter and fools around with his son. With his wife Anna, the man has been in a relationship since his student days, and he has never been noticed in indecent behavior. All the attention that he has, he gives to his wife and children.

5. Justin Bieber.

Before meeting his future wife, Justin got involved in scandalous stories every now and then, and his name flashed in the media not in connection with joyful occasions. But that all changed when the beautiful Hailey entered Bieber's life. Now the media are posting extremely cute photos of the married couple, affectionately calling them "biberyats". And Justin has become incredibly docile and domestic.

6. George Clooney.

Once upon a time, George was considered a desperate bachelor and one of the main Hollywood womanizers. But, as it turned out, the actor just couldn't find the woman of his dreams for a long time. Only in adulthood, having met the lawyer Amal, George finally settled down. The couple is growing up twins Ella and Alexandra, and Clooney himself looks peaceful and infinitely in love with his wife.

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